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Does Campbells Tomato Soup have more corn syrup/sugar than it used to?

Asked by Kraigmo (7895points) October 8th, 2013

I haven’t had Campbells Tomato Soup in about 7 years. I bought one today and it was sickly sweet. I remember it being sweet, but not this sweet.

Is the soup now sweeter and does it have more sugar/corn syrup than it used to?

Or are my tastebuds just drastically changed?

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Funny that you mention that. I thought the same thing.
It had been years since I’d eaten it. I’m pretty sure it will be years before I eat it again.

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I think years ago they used sugar and now they use corn syrup. That might account for the different taste.

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Perhaps you’re noticing the lack of salt. They drastically reduced the sodium content in 2009. Although oddly, I think the couple in the video concluded that the older version tasted sweeter.

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Here’s an admittedly subjective comparison. The calorie count should tell the story, but I don’t have either the old of the new to compare. We make our own. That way, we know what’s in it.

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@ETpro We posted the same thing. :)

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@glacial Your post popped in while I was looking mine up.

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