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Is Fluther getting old?

Asked by NOharmNOfoul (256points) June 24th, 2008 from iPhone

Ladies and Gentlemen relax, breath please. Before you go on thinking I am insane allow me to explain. I like Fluther, I really do but find its missing what the French would say (an I don’t know what) its just not the same anymore. I am sure the moderators will be keeping an eye on this one so if you feel Fluther isn’t quiet floating your boat and have suggestions to kick it up a notch (if you feel thats the case) please do.

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well, i have my moments on fluther, one day it’s going swell, a lot of good questions, next day it’s utter crap, but that’s just because fluther is fluther, and not Iwamoto’s Question Corner (good idea for later)

all in all, nothing changes, i guess it’s also needing to adapt to the stream of 1 lurve questioners

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iwamoto any chance of you handing out ‘iwamoto points’? there’s another idea for you.

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well, i sometimes catch myself “policing” this place a bit more than good for me, for instance in this question, it would be cool to be able to praise people, not just with lurve, but with my own brand of points…

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It has gotten different. It don’t really know if it is better or not. It is more active now and the quality has decreased. That is good and bad. But totally predictable.

I can delete the bookmark when I think that it isn’t worth spending any time here. I’m not close to hitting that point.

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jp by more active you mean more new to the collective right? I recall asking a previous question about less responses per question. It just seems like the regulars are not visiting as often and I agree, quality isnt the same.

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touché iwamoto. Wait…. You mean you wouldn’t recommend Internet Explore for a Mac?? ;)

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Yes, back in the day you could read every new question and responses in 15 minutes. That was actually the amount of time I would spend here per day.

The site is more entertaining now but it is very different now from the place that made me bookmark it. If I had stumbled upon it yesterday I couldn’t say that I would have stuck around.

But now I have fallen in love with all of you. (except zack, he is a wanker) And it would be hard to say goodbye.

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Yes jp my point exactly. Well said.

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well, i do agree with ryan that the quality has seriously dropped, in between poorly formulated and 5th time asked questions there’s usually a few that really get my attention, but there’s no real way to control this, i guess we’ll have to live with it

as for the love, i think i’d still like it if i dropped in right now, then again, i’m one of the younger generation here, today is my 72nd day (john’s been here for almost a year, don’t worry, we’ll throw a party for you)

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I haven’t been here 3 months yet, so I wouldn’t say old (maybe just older), but I’m finding the honeymoon period is over! I am starting to see repeats, both in questions and behavior/attitude displayed.
Still, I think Fluther’s already proven it’s more than a dayfly, so I’m sure it’ll survive.

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You are the cheese on my pizza. You are one of us now.

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You are the crust.

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I would like to see some other things added…like a dumb question button. It wouldn’t HAVE to take away lurve. And more “projects” like the mixup audio thing and the map. And it might not be a bad idea to have a place for games like the thing with people’s names. I am still addicted, but maybe that would kick it back up. I do wish for less duplicates though.

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LOL. You are the red pepper.

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Why thank you for recognising my cheesiness! I do try so very, very hard!

And red pepper my bum! JP’s the tomato sauce to form the base of all the toppings! Although sometimes he has to be replaced with BBQ sauce…

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um…you want us to do what with the red pepper and your butt? I guess you like it spicy?

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You’d be a very confused young man if you found yourself in UK or Ireland without a translator, wouldn’t you?

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well, even though i know the expression i think this is just a cry for help from a woman with unfulfilled sexual desires….

can i be the pineapple on the pizza ?

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Of course, you always bring the fruitiness….

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One thing we could do to get more original questions in here would be to clone AstroChuck.

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yeah but there’s a difference between original and good ;)

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I haven’t been here long at all, but like iwamoto said, it has it’s good day and it’s bad days. Hey, that’s a lot like life!
I still think the search engine could be better so that repeat question are not asked as frequently. I have found if I just put in one word for the question I am looking for, I find more stuff than if I put in a phrase or whole question.
That being said, no matter how much Fluther has changed since you arrived, there still is a lot of useful information and insight and quite a few good laughs on old threads.

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I’ve gotten more busy then I used to, so I haven’t been on fluther as much. So at times I feel like a bit of a stranger. Especially since there are a lot more new users on here. But I am still happy with Fluther and I agree with wild- the honeymoon is over, but I’m content.

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I think the sidetracking of good questions by off-topic chatter as of late, which this thread is an example of, is one of the more worrisome trends. Between teen drama and tech support questions, it’s hard enough to find the gems to discuss.

I mean no offense, of course. For some, the social chatter is the reason they return to the site. But it’s not why I’m here. I prefer to do my socializing either in PMs or within the context of an answer to the question.

I’m hoping that the new version that Ben, Andrew and Erik are working on will resolve some of this for me. I’m not sure of specifics, but it has been hinted at adding in some social functions.

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I agree about the incessant (and often predictable chatter- even down to the same phrases.) It is tedious and boring and getting less and less original. I also agree about this thread being a self-fulfilling prophecy. I am offended by lots of stuff so have no trouble if someone (and I know that there are those who, astonishing, are) is offended by this.

There is a chat room for the beaks, purple crayons, boobs, tubes, tampons, helicopters and other less-than-riveting topics, I believe. And there is also the issue of the teen-agers on here. Why use George Carlin’s 7 words (which are overused and have lost their shock value) when there are neutral ways of answering.

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I’m not offended Gail. I respect your right to think my incessant and tedious chatter should be put to sleep.
That is the beauty of a collective of individuals with different views and tastes.

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well, to be honest, i always tend to feel a bit guilty when i’m “slow-chatting”, so then i fire up campfire, but there’s nobody there, so that should be changed too, making it more accessible in some way

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No, I think Fluther rocks!!!

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I just found fluther and I find myself here more than any other website, I think its great, there are some very smart people here with some great input. And the people that are rude, hateful or ignorant. They will always be there it doesnt bother me. I let it roll off my back

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Fluther has definitely changed since I joined. I like some of the changes, and some I barely tolerate. I’m glad that the site has lightened up a bit because it allows for some humor sprinkled here and there, but when it gets to utter nonsense, it turns me off. Like gail, I wouldn’t lose any sleep if I never again saw another reference to a beaked creature, a helicopter, and especially Tim Curry. But I love this site, so I will continue to weed though the noise.

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If the opinion of one who joined Friday the 13th of this month matters a whit;
I found this site googling a grammatical question. Nearly everyone answering that question is here on this page… and no, I don’t recall which it was.
“A forum for intelligent cooperation!” methought.
And so, with few exceptions, it has persisted.
Glad I found ya.

Hope I’m not too off topic…

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I think it has changed even in the brief time that I have been fluthering, but I don’t mind. Jellies are like sharks: swim or die. Everyone would be yawning and complaining if Fluther was static.

I think there are ups and downs in the questions. That ebb and flow seems like normal life. If I see only a vast question desert of “Should I break up with him/her/it?” or “How do I jailbreak my I phone?” I start to think about how I could pose an interesting question that has been fulminating in my own mind. I have found that one good question often sparks another.

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Egad! I love Fluther!

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just exactly how old fluther is???

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