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Are tuna and salmon tainted with gamma radiation from the Pacific Ocean?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) October 10th, 2013

Of course I’m referring to the massive nuclear plant leak in Fukishima.

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I don’t know but would definitely be interested to. I love salmon. (tuna too, but I don’t eat as much of that anymore for some reason).

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Yes. I saw a photo of tuna and it said it has so much radiation in it that they’re not offering it to west coast restaurants. It didn’t mention salmon.
I hate to sound radical but if I lived on the west coast of the US I would stop eating seafood. It also said that the Japanese government is telling it’s citizens to keep quiet about all their nosebleeds. As if you could keep that quiet.

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Actually, if they are tainted by gamma radiation it wouldn’t be a big deal. What would be a big deal is if they ingested radioactive material that you would eventually eat. Although I’m not sure if the concentrations are large enough to worry about. Not sure, though.

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Everything we eat is tainted in one way or another. Even my garden fresh, organic veggies have bird shit on them. lol

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Gamma irradiation of food is a common method to inhibit bacterial growth. There’s even a cute little label they put on food so you know its been irradiated (if you know what it looks like). Like @Rarebear says the gamma radiation isn’t the problem in itself, its the particles that are producing the radiation that are the problem.

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You don’t have to live on the west coast of the US to eat tainted salmon and tuna.

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@Aster where did you see that the Japanese government is telling all their residents to keep quiet about nosebleeds?

Oh, also out of curiosity, how did you know that photo of the fish was tainted by radiation by looking at it?

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My mom told me there is radiation of some sort in tuna from the event in Japan. I just believe whatever she tells me. Not that she is always right.

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@Rarebear The searchpage is full of articles about the Japanese Government cover-up.

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@YARNLADY Guess what? That searchpage also shows that Bigfoot is real and that there is a big coverup of aliens in Roswell.

Show me a credible source and I’ll read it.

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What you have to worry about is not whether or not something has been exposed to radiation, but whether or not it is radioactive.

Radiation includes alpha (high energy helium nuclei), beta (high energy electrons), and gamma (high energy light). If I were exposed to radiation, I might suffer several consequences depending on the intensity of exposure. These forms of radiation, however, only exist for a fraction of a second after creation. If a fish is exposed to gamma rays, and I eat the fish, then I am not exposed to gamma rays, as the gamma rays no longer exist.

The true cause of radiation sickness would likely be when a person consumes the radioactive source itself. If the food contains radioactive cesium, and I eat the fish, then I am exposed to the radiation. Why? Because the radiation is actually created inside of me.

Hopefully this clarifies some stuff, because many people think that “radiation” is a physical object, but in reality any single particle of radiation only exists for a fraction of a second (and moves close to the speed of light).

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Arguing about gamma radiation effect on a fatty fish that is already contaminated by heavy metals is a bit like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. @PhiNotPi is completely right. Because they have been exposed, doesn’t make them radioactive. We eat microwaved food all the time. (or at least I do), but my insides do not get microwaved from eating it.

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@cazzie I’m having a hard time finding the most recent article on some kids doing an experiment with microwaved water vs boiled water (cooled down) of course for watering plants.

A group of about 28 students took part in the test.

It revealed the microwaved watered plant died earlier.

Here’s a similar link

The main thing is that with food, the microwave is said to alter the dna of the food thus when it’s time for your intestines to digest it’s hardly recognizable and stored as fat content. I’d love to know more about it myself.The furthest I’ve been in science is high school biology, biological anthropology in college and astronomy lecture & lab in college.

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@pleiades that study those kids did was utter bunk and so is the rest of what you said. Microwaving food does NOT alter its ‘DNA’. It does nothing other than heat it up. Don’t read all the junk calling itself research on the internet.

You need to read your own link that you supplied with your post. READ it, through. It is a snopes article debunking the very claims you are trying to make.

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@Rearbear it was an article on Facebook that they got from a news source showing tuna infested with radiation which, to me, is much worse than @Coloma‘s bird crap on her veggies which I hope she washes off.

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So, can someone tell me why we worry about radiation at all, if it only lasts a second?
I never eat anything one second after it gets irradiated. I’m too slow.

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@susanc There is a difference between being exposed to levels of radiation and something actually being radio active. The tuna had very low, but higher levels than expected of a radioactive isotope, so, yes, they were slightly radio active, but still well below levels considered perfectly safe. People are probably more exposed living around granite rock.

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