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Why are their seeds on the outside of a strawberry?

Asked by PoiPoi (274points) June 24th, 2008

Why isn’t the seeds on the inside of the strawberry? How do the seeds get on the outside? Is this the only berry or fruit that has seeds on its outside?

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Strawberries are unique in that way. They are one of the very very few fruit with seeds on the outside (the only other one that comes to mind is the cashew fruit), and botanically speaking Strawberries aren’t actually berries.

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It’s pretty much covered here

They aren’t true berries, as berries have seeds on the inside, and each seed is actually considered a fruit. Go figure. Isn’t nature wonderful? And now I must go get my pinfeather plucker out and go hull some strawberries.

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Ah buggar, I was just on that same page and was gonna sound all intelligent then.

Blast you and your lightening fingers seesul. Blast you.

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I’ll challenge you to a pinfeather plucker duel then to settle the score. I’m surrounded by strawberry farms, so some of that I already knew. That and staying in the Berry Bowl Motel as a child (in Louisiana) while visiting my Gramma. The name was a misnomer and she used to point that out, but she said people wouldn’t stay in a place called the Gator Palace. (The other thing the town was famous for).

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I wouldn’t dare challenge anyone as quick as that to a duel of any kind. I surrender. The glory and the lurve are all yours. Congratulations.

I’ll get that seesul one day

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If your a Corker, then your strong suit should be humor. I have an ancestral uncle (Limerick native) that is buried there. My dad used to joke that he died laughing. Supposedly, through the same uncle, I’m a descendant of Queen Maeve, so perhaps you are wise to surrender.

It was the same wise old dad that bribed me with a typewriter if I learned to type. When I left High School I was at 80 wpm, and thought I’d never use it again.

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its just like that to make you wonder

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Edit: you’re not your
sitting with dunce cap in the corner
(that uncle was a writer, I should be ashamed)

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Did I just win by grammatical default then?

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Go visit my uncle and ask him, then take it up with Maeve. What’s yer gramma got to do with it, it’s not her fault?
my what BIG eyes you have

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