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Why can't I un-mute the sound in YouTube?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33747points) October 21st, 2013

YouTube has become silent on my PC. I’m using Chrome.

When I go to YouTube, the mute has been pressed, and I cannot un-click it.

Here’s what’s bizarre. If a YouTube video is embedded in something like Facebook, I can view it with sound.

Any ideas on how to remedy this problem?

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I’m sorry to add this information later. I’ve discovered also that if I open an “incognito” window in Chrome, I can hear the sound.

I believe this means my Kaspersky security software has something to do with muting YouTube, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out what it is.

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If you think its Kaspersky, try disabling it and see if that fixes your problem. These symptoms are indeed odd. Are you signed in to your YouTube (google) account when you’re viewing the un-unmutable videos?

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Perhaps it’s not Kaspersky. I disabled it, and the problem persists.

I am signed into my YouTube account.

I am using the latest version of Chrome and of Adobe Flash Player.

I can hear audio when I’m using a Chrome Incognito window, and I just now discovered I can also hear audio when I use IE. The problem is Chrome then.

More research to do.

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I have weird problems with Chrome on my home computer while viewing Facebook. I can’t see any of the “notifications” icons. None at all. I can interact with FB, click likes and unlikes, comment and respond to comments. I just can’t see any notification when anyone has responded to a thread that I’m in or clicked to “like” a post that I’ve made. But it’s just Chrome “on this computer”. It works fine on my work laptop, and it works fine in Firefox on this machine. Weird.

Maybe I’ll re-install Chrome and see what happens, but I hate having to add back my extensions and add-ons. (And I realize that one of them may be the culprit, but I use so many that I don’t want to hassle with the process of testing for conflict. I just open Firefox to use FB.)

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Maybe there’s a problem with your Flash Player? Can you find out which Flash version you are using? Because some have caused sound problems (for example Flash 11.3). This could also explain why the sound works in other browsers- it’s possible, especially if they aren’t your default browsers, that they have a different, older Flash version which doesn’t cause sound problems.

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