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How would you dress up as Wisconsin?

Asked by Finley (833points) October 23rd, 2013

For halloween I need to dress up as Wisconsin. Not the shape of the state or anything like that but dress up as something that epitomizes it or something the state is famous for or famous people from the state. Like a lobster for Maine, Hannah Montana for Montana, pothead for Colorado, Indiana Jones for Indiana, etc.

It would be great if I could be something that could stand alone or go along with all of my other 50 friends that are dressing as states too. Like for example, if I was Connecticut, I could get a tattoo on my face and be Mike Tyson, but I’ll wear a sash that says Connecticut so I would fit in with the 50 friends.. you get the idea?

Anyway.. need help with WISCONSIN. HELP

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Could you dress as a cow or a wheel of cheese?

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Cheese or milk, it’s also the badger state, Harley rider, roll of toilet paper—-look at the list.

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You could go as a Packer or as a packer (if you want to be ironic).

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Why not use a particular city?—such as Milwaukee (beer) or Green Bay (several possibilities) or La Crosse? How about imitating some Oshkosh kids’ clothes?

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Willy Wonka

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Packer jersey and a cheese hat and you are set. Carry a 6 pack of Leinenkugel and some german bratwurst and you are going whole hog.

Glidden, Wisconsin styles itself as the Black Bear Capital of the world, you could dress up as a bear.

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You could go as Bucky.

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@ucme Robocop is from Detroit, Michigan!

Get a cheese hat, like they have at football games, and a can of Old Milwaukee Beer

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@filmfann Peter Weller is from Stevens Point, Gene Wilder from Milwaukee.

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@ucme . . . Give me a can of Point.

drinking old milwaukee right now or ‘the red cans’ as we call them around here.

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@Blondesjon Point me to the nearest bar.

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Like this.

I spent the longest time in the Green Bay airport thinking “WTF?” before I remembered – there were cheese stores everyone – it was so bizarre.

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That hits the spot.

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Typical is a dairy maid with blond braids, but you could go as a Koehler toilet. Actually, a dairy maid dress and apron with a dainty cheese hat would be easier to make. Or overalls with a cheese hat. Or, if you want to get more creative, a mug of beer. You could use small white balloons for the foam.

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@WestRiverrat Packer jersey and a cheese hat

That’s it. You won’t have to explain it, everybody will get it right away.

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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@filmfann You wrongly questioned my answer, the right thing for you to do when corrected as to my meaning would’ve been to at least accept you jumped in without considering further.
It’s a small matter, but one that needs attention on principle alone.

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I stand by my answer. Peter Weller may be from Wisconsin, but Robocop is from Detroit.
You would never say Batman is from Washington, Pennsylvania, California, Kentucky or Wales

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So you stand by an answer that was entirely incorrect, given that I knew where the characters hailed from & explained my reasoning.
I gave the characters safe in the knowledge that, as the question asks, no one would want to dress as an actor to represent a state, their most famed role being more appropriate.
None of this should need an explanation, but hey, this being Fluther!

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Just dress up like a can of “Old Milwaukee” ya know. ;-)
wtf…I think I actually spelled that right! lol

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Hot glue cheese curds all over your body.

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