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What questions from popular entertainment stand out for you?

Asked by ucme (47196points) February 10th, 2015

From a movie/TV show/video game/book/song.
Either in the title or part of the script/text/lyrics.
Stand out in the sense that you find them funny/bad arse or just plain memorable.

There, I laid it all out for you, now it’s your turn & it better be good =O}

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“This soup is reconstituted from a stock of boiled horse’s rectum and thickened with German vomit!” – A Bit of Fry and Laurie

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Why did Eric Clapton shoot the sheriff? Why couldn’t he shoot the deputy?

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“Is it safe?
Is it safe?

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@elbanditoroso Possibly because Bob Marley told him to.

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So all we need to do to kill Corypheus is kill his dragon? That’s easy! We’re good at killing shit!

Iron Bull from Dragon Age Inquisition

I like how he answers his own question.

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@elbanditorosa my Ex and I always wondered that too.

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“In the southeast, they say that if you want to get to heaven, you have to change planes in Atlanta.” from movie The Accidental Tourist.

I don’t usually remember quotes, but I guess I have changed planes in Atlanta too many times.

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