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What's the name of this Facebook app?

Asked by keobooks (14322points) October 25th, 2013

I’ve had several friends all suddenly use it out of the blue, so I assume it’s new. One friend of mine is posting 3–5 an hour and it’s driving me bonkers.

The app makes little one panel cartoons where you can customize the heads to look like you or your friends. Then you can write your own captions to make for hours of hilarious entertainment for yourself.

I’m just curious to know the name of the app.

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Thanks that’s exactly IT. It doesn’t seem that I can block the app, unfortunately. Man.. give a bunch of middle aged bored cubicle workers this app and they clog up everyone’s feed!

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I’ve had a couple friends who have been using it for a long time; but I’ve noticed a ton more people using it in the past few weeks, unfortunately.

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This seems to be a widespread annoyance. Here is a link that will tell you how to get rid of it.

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