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Anyone know what the mystery movie is?

Asked by Anthony (4points) July 9th, 2007

It comes out on 1-18-08. The trailer can be viewed at:

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My friend is a DP on it, but won't tell me anything except that it's JJ Abram's newest movie.

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the movie is going to be called Ethan Haas Was Right . the movie has a mysterious wbsite that i havent figured out yet

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That's an unconfirmed rumour. A leak I read said that it was being worked on under the name "cloverfield" but the title isn't set yet. The leak also said it was a parasite movie, kinda like godzilla but shot from home video cameras and stuff so it looks like a real attack on nyc.

That website is interesting. if you click the star on the right it shows you the code, when you click the ball it spells something, I haven't bothered with it, i figure i'll just wait til the movie comes out.

Brilliant marketing scheme though :D

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so i found an email link on the site when i clicked on a certain star and i sent the email.
heres what i got as a reply form the mysterious email:

I think I%u2019m safe, for now. Wherever I go it isn%u2019t long before they find me.

It seems The Mezin are connected to every aspect of humanity, from culture and religion to our most advanced technology

I have to be more careful contacting all of you. When I began I thought I could safely speak about his writings and perhaps save us all...

but now it seems I will have to find a more subtle way to share his visions.

If this is the first message you have received from me do not give up hope! There are others that have gone before you, the way has been found, you only need to search and you will find the answers you seek. We are getting stronger, our voices will be heard!

I have more of Haas%u2019s writings, once I find a secure way to transmit them I will leave you clues to find them.

The more I read the more I realize Haas was right%u2026%u2026%u2026

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Okay, so all we actually know is that it is a JJ Abrams and Bad Robots movie, and that they are secretly building a giant monster set in NYC. And we all know that they are launching this secret, highly viral marketing campaign.
We don't even know the title yet, but people are speculating the title to be "CLOVERFIELD" (and i'm not too sure why). Either way, the highly provocative project comes from the master-minds behind LOST and ALIAS, so it's bound to be sweet, well hopefully. My opinion is to expect a lot of independent cameras, and some sort of massive creature who chucks NY City statues long distances. But I do promise you that this is not another Godzilla flick. Anyway, my opinion - looks sweet!

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Okay, so, like most of you, I have been thoroughly interested in what this movie is actually about. Needless to say I've been searching and searching after my last post. What I've found is that this movie, working title "CLOVERFIELD", has nothing to do with the website This comes straight from Mr. JJ Abrams himself, and can be found at Paramount has also tried removing all of the trailers and content for this flick from YouTube; kinda interesting. And sorry, but still no idea what the Ethan Haas site is for or about. Okay, that said I still think this movie will be sweet, and will have some massive monster/alien creature!

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So it looks like the Ethan Haas thing is a different campaign... assuming that the JJ Abrams denial is legit. Does anyone know what the Ethan Haas thing is about? is apparently a part of the 1-18-08 viral campaign, according to that Ain't It Cool thread travis linked to above.

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Montyfood has written a good roundup of what is known so far about "1-18-08".

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Just as an update, the whole Ethan Hass ordeal is an entirely different viral campaign for an upcoming video game. If you signed up on the site with an email address to be contacted with, then you’ll be receiving (or have received) more info on the game.

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