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What draws creative minds to Fluther?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) June 25th, 2008

I realise this is a bit of an introvert question (asking Fluther about Fluther), but I’ve noticed there are so many talented, creative folks on Fluther. Musicians, visual artists, programmers, designers, etc. and this question has popped in to my head a few times, so I’d really like to hear your take on it. Is there a reason so many creative minds have come to Fluther?

Also, if you have any online publication of your art, feel free to share – browsing flutherites’ creations is one of my favorite past times :)

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For me it was the smooth theme and layout and the fact that there were already creative people here. As to what drew in the original creative people, maybe it’s because the site creators seem to be creative and interesting.

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And they invited all their family and friends for the start-up, and all their family and friends were exceptionally creative and interesting.

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The idea of a creative collective attracting more creative minds to join makes a lot of sense.
I’d also be curious to know if it’s the same attraction for everyone – or is there a different source of appeal to different types of artists, such as the layout for the more visual artists, the interesting debates for the writers, etc?

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@vectorul, and the need to learn how to spell apparently

as for me i think its because creative people like having their questions answered in a creative way, which is why they like fluther. people answering others questions personally

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I don’t know. I am not a big fan of fluther’s layout though but thats because I am a design snob.

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The quest for information.

Wow, that was cheesy

As far as the layout goes, I like the colors a lot.

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@waterskier: mis-spelling I can tolerate. Calling someone out for it and then mixing up “its” and “it’s” just makes you look silly.

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oh really? you don’t say breedmitch. wow that’s rather interesting! thanks for sharing :)

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Maybe his password is a few spaces

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@trusting life, true that. my bad indeed, i usually get pissed when people mix that up, also when people get theirs, there, and they’re mixed up. so i guess i’m the dumb one this time

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I was drawn by this question asked by Andrew. I was intrigued, because I am a meteorologist, and I really like answering people’s questions regarding weather, etc. So it made me think that this would be a really good place to get all those “Why?” questions that I have answered, and maybe read up on some things other people are curious about. Unfortunately, these types of questions are few and far between, but there are still plenty of opportunities to bat ideas around with other jellies.
In science, there is no way any one person can succeed, unless she communicates with others, tosses ideas around, tests things out, and then talks with people again. And that’s what Fluther allows us creative people to do.

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Intellectual stimulation.

And @Wildflower, in reference to your question a long way back, I don’t have a blog. I’m working on it…All my writing has been analog so far.

I said “Analog.”

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Creative questions?

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Speaking of creativity, I just checked out Babo’s website. Amazing!
I was totally blown away by its creativity. Check it out here

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coool site babo! the remembery game made me feel dumb though :(. how about adding some nice babo music to the site? @ TL – thanks for the link.

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I played the Remembery game too. It was hard! Maybe some more encouragement would help. But I’m straying off-topic here…

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I can go along with Babo’s idea – as always: concise and spot on! :)

I wonder though, did anyone notice my little appeal? I’d really love to see/hear/try what all you talented folks make!
I already know I want to read anything by knotmyday or listen to iwamoto and playthebanjo jamming while admiring one of peedub’s cats, PupnTaco’s ‘margarita’ and would love to see an illustration of a new god by delirium…....I could go on!
Oh and one day when I open my own business I’d like paulc to write my inventory and cash-flow software, robmandu to head up my brainstorming sessions (even though he might not allow for others’ input so much) and phoenyx and johnpowell to design my promotional material….and on and on and on….

@peedub: nothing wrong with cheesy!!

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Lmao…. I don’t think babo is actually the maker of that site… Babo just <3ts uglydolls.

A new god, wildflower? What kind of new god?

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As a writer, I get stimulation seeing what other people are thinking about and meeting the characters of Fluther. I find people endlessly fascinating and varied while very much the same. That contradiction is part of the attraction.

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delirium: complete free-flow of imagination to generate a composite character of various gods – if anyone could do it, it’s you I’m sure :)

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I come here for the coffee and free doughnuts.

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Doughnuts? Where’s mine? I like Old-fashioned or KK or DD Vanilla Cream Filled. (As if I eat those gobs of deliciousness these days. Sigh.)

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Boston creme doughnut for me please.

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None for you, PnL. Not until you change back!

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@AC I agree. Not liking that trend in avatars.

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:( it will be gone tomorrow! i promise :D

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Okay. Boston Creme it is. In fact, I’ll be in Boston in about 3 weeks so I can bring you an authentic one.

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@Ac Yum, since I am on food. Scrod, lobster, other seafood. Can you tell I have not had dinner yet? Also, Fenway, culture, great shopping.

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What?! Where???!!!!!

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I found it irresistible to pour my soul out to sixteen-year-old girls about the meaning of life and my favorite insects~.

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Wildflower: It depends on the day. Today it would be based on a dinosaur. I just got REALLY in to drawing dinosaurs today. I bought an incredible book about them and started sketching what they looked like, hypothetically. And not the basic dinos. I’m talking about the obscure intriguing ones. And the idea of taking a saurian base instead of a human one intrigues me….

Other days it’d be a little kid playing with masks. Another day a woman cooking the world. Two cups of this myth…. a tablespoon of another… stir until boiling. I’d probably do a fake recipe on natural paper and draw the lady in the style of an illumination.

Oh dear. I’m rambling. You get the idea… I think. Too many notions and not enough life.

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I’m not a creative mind, but I did arrive here through an article discussing good-looking website layouts, one of which was Fluther.

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@ Vincentt – I like your avatar :) I am sad you missed the “I<3__” avatar day though :(

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Every creative person has an irresistable urge to express themselves .

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Law of Attraction? I like wildflower’s idea to have some sort of profile of people (maybe a paid membership?)

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@Idea: we already have the profile option, as you know. Click on my avatar and user name to see one of the really interesting ones. Then expand your own..I like knowing the age and sex of flutherers.

Some people use the profile as a place in which to be unsuccessfully cryptic or tiresomely wiseass.

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The open forum, the collective.

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I’m not actually here. I’m a figment of your imagination. I suppose that means you are the creative one!

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For me it was the founders- who happen to be super creative people. But I think that this site reflects their personalities and creativity (actually, a very hard thing to do) which is one of the things that I think draws other creative people to this site. Just like creative people are drawn to other creative people in real life- so too on the internet.

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Recently, for the chance to make incruciating puns to appreciative exdividuals.

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