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Where to learn Industrial design Model Making?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (684points) March 29th, 2021

I am looking for classes or other resources that would help me shore up my model making skills for product development.

I would love a class that teaches how to create a model of a product through 3D printing, or using materials such as foam, renshape, wood, plastic, metal, kitbashing and painting techniques, etc.


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I would look towards the online workshops for model railroading hobbyists.

You may or may not be doing a model railroad project, but they cover everything in your list and in your list of topics.

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@Jonathan_hodgkins Look into this guy in Cincinnati Ohio Joshua Haldeman

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@Yellowdog, are you a model railroading hobbyist yourself?

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I was—until I was 35 and moved to Alabama. I really didn’t do much after I left my parents’ home when I was about thirty. And I never was able to get back to it because of economics and loss of the use of my right hand in 2011. I continued to answer questions on Model Railroading Q&A websites.

There is one model railroading organization that I occasionally get advertisements for that had a $1 for the first year offer. There were online workshops that cover everything including everything those which @Jonathan_hodgkins mentions above—except for 3-D printing.

There are DIGITAL model buildings available for online games that people offer / submit / sell, and I have often wondered how difficult it would be, if difficult at all, to feed this info into a 3-D printer and make models.

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