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When you think of Superman, do you assume he is a virgin?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14682points) November 1st, 2013

I may have seen all of the movies, and read a few comic books when I was a kid.

There has never been any doubt in my mind that Lois is an assertive woman, and probably has a few exes in her past.

When you think of Superman, is he a virgin until Lois? Why do the authors of the myths return to this?

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I assume he does not have a penis. He is an alien, after all.
And considering his costume….

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I’ve read a lot of Superman comics, and I always assumed he was a virgin until he got together with Lois.

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Aren’t all Super Heroes?

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Sorry. This question has just reminded me of that old joke about the Invisible Man and Wonder Woman sunbathing nude on the rooftop.

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Actually, in Kingdom Come, he knocks Wonder Woman up, but it’s long after Lois dies.

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In the Smallville TV show, however, he does sleep with Lana.

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@Kropotkin Wonder Woman isn’t invisible. Just her airplane.

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@janbb Why? I mean, you are a librarian. Superman (And Captain America) are definitely portrayed as virgins.

Lois Lane has never been portrayed as anything other than a woman who is experienced. Why has that trend been preserved over, what 8 decades?

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Of course he was a virgin before Lois. Otherwise there’d be little Superbabies all over the planet. Imagine the potency of his sperm!

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I’ve been a Superman fan all my life—when I was a kid I wanted to be the Man of Steel so much that I can recall actually praying for it. But honestly, never did I ever think of him as a sexual character. Dunno know why not—just never did.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room Did Lois ever strike you as asexual?

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@Rarebear The joke goes like this: Superman is talking with Batman, who raves about how good Wonder Woman is in the sack. Superman is disgusted, and ends up talking about it with the Flash, and the Flash agrees with Batman. “It’s like nothing you ever felt!” he says.
Well, Superman is flying over the city, and he sees Wonder Woman nude sunbathing on top of a building. Her legs are spread, and Superman decides he can do this faster than she can know. He swoops down, sticks it in, and flies away in an instant.
He is flying away, after, and is quite satisfied.
Wonder Woman says “What the hell was that?”
The Invisible Man says “I don’t know, but my ass sure hurts!”

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Regarding Superman having sex, Kevin Smith knows best.

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Superman is the quintessential American superhero. According to American values, sex is dirty. So only the darkest superheroes will have had sex. Ergo, Superman is a virgin.

@janbb Batman is no virgin.

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Okay that’s funny!

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A better question would be – how the hell can Lois Lane who is supposedly an intelligent woman not see and make the connection between Clark Kent and Superman? And since there were never any SuperBabies flying around, we can only assume that Superman was indeed, celibate, and saving himself for Lois.

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or, more likely, impotent

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Who cares about fictitious virginity? Really? Stupid!

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Coloma this is important teleological discourse.

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Teleological? not ontological?

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@jeruba. You’re right.

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No, I do however assume that anyone that wears a Superman T-shirt or any other article is!

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Do superman underpants count?

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Especially Superman underpants.

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Note to guys, it is NOT hot! lol

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Alas, I wear a Superman belt buckle, yet my wife insists that the kids are mine…

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