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Why are Superman and Batman getting into a fight?

Asked by tinyfaery (44034points) May 10th, 2014 from iPhone

Don’t they both fight on the side of good?

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They have different ideas about what fighting for good entails. Also, they both have big egos.

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Because whoever is producer for WB right now is banking that this idea will bring in the money. Doesn’t matter if it’s the most unimaginative tired boring trope there is in existence. Snyder and Nolan ruined the Superman franchise for me with their stupid MOS and they will waste this one too. Will make money but it’s going to be crap for sure. But shallow fans would praise it as brilliant, best superhero movie ever blah blah blah….LOL WB sucks, Snyder sucks….Marvel knows and does things better.

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I will leave you with, “It’s complicated.”

There’s been many different twists on this sort of like the New Testament

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What is MOS? Edit: Oh, Man of Steel.

I’d watch anything with that hunk of burning love. Rawwr. Seriously. One of the hottest men I have ever seen.

So this was a story in the comics and not just a screenplay?

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Have fans been wanting to see this forever? I know there have been a lot of heroes fighting against one another, wasn’t there one between Thor and The Incredible Hulk?
I really don’t know, hopefully it’s part of a story arc or comic book thing, and not just being done for the sake of seeing both of em fight.

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Yes @tinyfaery, I haven’t read them but it seems Batman and Superman fought in the comics and Batman won. The funny thing is Bat fans relish that victory as if DC wasn’t just playing with their heads. Of course Batman has to win over Sups for the sake of drama. Pathetic manipulative comic storytelling. Sups could destroy Batman anytime he wants to. Problem is Sups by nature wouldn’t do that because he is Superman. Heh heh :)

I’m so happy you enjoyed MOS but that’s not Superman in there. Superman will never never let his stepdad who raised him die ( Snyder’s reason on why he didn’t do anything is the most stupid rationalization ) and will never ignore people dying while he fight, all the while demolishing buildings.

I don’t care about what the present young generation of fans say to praise MOS. That movie made money but it was akin to Lucas’ crap prequels. Can’t wait till they get buried in collective cinematic memory. Sorry for the rant. :)

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He’s still hot. So hot.

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As I recall the comics, Superman had taken on something of an authoritarian bent as an operative for The Man. Batman took on a more anti-authoritarin bent, and give Superman the beating every pig who does stuff like this rightly deserves.

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Interesting. Personally Batman’s always struck me as an authoritarian’s wet dream.

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@Darth_Algar: there are lots of versions of Batman, ranging from authoritarian thug to rather anarchist.

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That’s link’s not coming up for me, but I suppose that’s true, given the ever-revolving nature of comic book writers each having their own take on characters. Personally I never read a great amount of Batman comics, so my impressions of the character come mostly from what few I have read as well as the Christopher Nolan films (which, while enjoyable as popcorn flicks are kinda disturbing in their unapologetic embrace of authoritarianism).

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Cuz Superman’s jealous that most of Batman’s movies are awesome while most of Superman’s movies are terrible.

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@Darth_Algar: ah, it seem it’s banning direct links to the images. It was found here (scroll down a little).

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How has no one mentioned Dark Knight Returns yet? When the movie was announced at comic-con it was done so by reading lines from that graphic novel.

There is also a really great two part animated movie for Dark Knight Returns that I highly recommend.

This clip sums up a good bit of their differences. (I totally think superman looks like Colbert at 0:09 :P)

Batman and Superman have fought in quite a few other comics as well. It’s kinda like in Marvel how Wolverine or Hulk will fight pretty much anyone :P

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Superman is about fairness and justice. Batman is a facist oddly counterbalanced by Bruce Waynes bleeding liberal heart. They have very different agendas.

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Well….here’s a first look on this film….:)


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@mazingerz88 And here’s a really hi-res image. I gotta say, I’m actually kinda diggin it, my only real gripe is the batsymbol looks really blocky.

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@El_Cadejo Cool hi-res pic thanks-! Not easy not to get excited. It’s the BAT after all. I’m willing to overlook any design flaw as long as it’s a fun flick loaded with great action. I know I’m not gonna get it since the trend right now is “realism”. Just tired of the Nolanesque realistic treatment already. :)

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@mazingerz88 I agree, realism is nice but honestly one of the last things I’m looking for in a SUPER HERO movie.

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The Nolan films were realistic?

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@Darth_Algar I would say so in terms of how he tackled Batman. Reason why he successfully booted the franchise. His treatment couldn’t be more different than how Joel Schumacher did his versions. Nolan’s first and second Bat films were no doubt great. But personally, I have enough of the angsts and seriousness Nolan injected to this character. And I didn’t like how he worked on the new Superman as well. I want something lighter now.

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I don’t really see how Nolan’s Batman is realistic at all. More plausible than supernatural abilities sure, but that’s the character of Batman. If you “realistic” you simply mean “not campy” then I can’t argue that.

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