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Would you get a separate social network account from family?

Asked by chelle21689 (7769points) November 5th, 2013 from iPhone

So I posted a progress before and after picture of my fitness journey on my instagram. One pic was me in my jeans lifting up my shirt, the other I’m in my jeans and bra.

I get a message from my oldest sister lecturing me it’s not classy and was like “why are you in your bra??” And my other two sisters agreed it was distasteful and I should’ve been wearing a sports bra because bra is not meant to be seen. I assume most women think this way because my friend agreed to.

You can post in your bikini or sports bra but not your bra.
I’m getting tired of bein judged for what posts I like and what posts I post up…

There was nothing sexual at all about my photo. If I could I will post it later

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No. I select who sees and doesn’t see what I post with the privacy settings. There’s no need for a separate account.

you should see some of the suggestive photos my 50 year old sister posts. She’s newly divorced and proud to show off her new rockin’ body. shall I introduce her to your sisters? (joke)

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@jonablond I edited it to instagram I forgot it wasn’t Facebook. But yeah, instagram doesn’t have select privacy settings.

Point is, why is it such a huge deal?!? My sister posted herself in a sports bra once yet none of my older sisters said anything all because it wasn’t a “bra”

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Oh, I don’t use instagram. I don’t see anything wrong with your pics. I agree. I don’t see how your bra is worse than a sports bra. They are just being silly about nothing, but I understand how upsetting it can be when you receive comments like that from siblings.

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Ignoring the details:

I’ve tried to run two Facebook accounts. It’s a pain in the arse. I abandoned it and just stopped posting things that made Republican family members cry.

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Congratulations on your fitness journey.

I get on health kicks occasionally, because I grew up fat and don’t like how I look regardless of how I look. I have a daughter. If I was ever keeping a fitness journal, total different name, untraceable account. Last thing I want is for her to inherit my obsession with how unattractive I am.

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There are privacy settings on Instagram that allow you to determine who follows you or sees your photos and videos.

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I don’t add family members to my social media sites. Problem solved.

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Set your privacy settings.

– fine for close friends
– weird for old pervy uncle

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Edit your privacy settings.

I think a better question would be “what is your opinion of people posting photos of themselves wearing bras?”

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@jca i wasn’t even thinking that it would be a big deal. I wasn’t thinking to change in my sports bra for a photo. I just did it. But I think people should post whatever they want and not have people lecture them like a kid of what to do and not to so

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Since it’s a black bra, it could just as easily be a bikini top – one can’t tell the difference since it’s not close-up or high-resolution. If it were sheer or something, then I could see their point.

Unfortunately, on Instagram you can’t have post-specific privacy settings. It’s either Public or Followers only, and clearly you don’t want to ‘unfriend’ your family.

Before FB allowed post-specific privacy options, I created separate accounts for this reason. It is a minor inconvenience. I have contemplated creating a second Instagram to link to the other FB, but that would just be madness, so I just have to be a bit more mindful of what I post where (which isn’t a bad thing).

This is the point in your life where you will be creating an identity as an adult independent of your family. They can have their opinions and will obviously express them to you, but it is up to you how you react and respond. If posting half-naked selfies is who you want to be, then ignore them and be true to yourself.

On the other hand, I recall that you post a lot of questions about career choices, and so I would also suggest that you consider how easily searchable these things are. Nothing you post on the internet is private. Don’t post anything anywhere that you wouldn’t want your boss, or grandmother, or religious leader (if you have one), or a judge to see.

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@hearkat “On the other hand, I recall that you post a lot of questions about career choices, and so I would also suggest that you consider how easily searchable these things are. Nothing you post on the internet is private. Don’t post anything anywhere that you wouldn’t want your boss… to see.”


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Good point about privacy settings. I have a good friend whose son posts photos of himself smoking marijuana. His settings are such that the photos are public. Kids don’t think about the long term consequences of such stupidity.

As for yourself, getting lectured, you are at an age where you want to do what you want to, without hearing lectures, yet the ones lecturing you may be a little more prudent with their behavior, or at least with what they let others know about their behavior.

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@jca, my cousin (17) posted video of her smoking weed which was dumb! lol

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