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What is that song that includes "here they come".... "paparazzi"?

Asked by flo (10604points) November 7th, 2013

It sounds like by a group of men. “Here They Come” could be part of chorus and the last line. It is probably pop music.

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Do you remember what any of the background music sounded like? Do you know what era it could be?

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Could it be This with a slightly different lyric than what you have written?

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Are you sure that it’s, “here they come”? If it’s, “here we come,” that would be “Hey Hey! We’re the Monkees.”

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@Kardamom & @SadieMartinPaul Great minds think alike, The Monkees immediately came to mind for me also.

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@dxs It sounded from within this decade or so.
@Kardamom the link doesn’t seem to be working for me.
@SadieMartinPaul @Adagio I think the moderated answer gave your answer. No it is not.
Thanks all.

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Why moderate them then?
Maybe it’s something from One Direction?

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