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Would you allow your daughter to act in a pornographic film?

Asked by chutterhanban (1020points) June 25th, 2008

If so, would you have limits for her? If not, are there any circumstances in which you would allow it?

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I don’t think you’d have a choice. You can’t legally be in porn until you are 18, at which point she can make the decision if she wants.

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No. NO. (imagine larger font: NOOOOOOOOO).

of course, that’s just me. i am “prude” like that

Edit – luckily i have no kids right now.

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I don’t have any kids so I will be speaking just from how I would think I would feel.


I guess I couldnt stop her if she was old enough, but I would be very, VERY against it.

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Your right I couldn’t stop her, but if she is as dependent on me as she is now than I think I will have a little more say when she is of legal age. Or i will kill her!

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People working in that industry abuse alcohol and drugs at a much higher average than the general population. Women working in porn are sexually assaulted.

It would totally limit any choices she wanted to make in her life later—post porn films.

There is not a lot of upside. (See regret thread—no one wrote “I shoulda made a porn film.”

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What a provocative question.
As all porn actresses have to be 18 by law, my (theoretical) daughter would be past the age of consent anyway. What would I do, threaten to kick her out? She could afford to live on her own at those salaries. Definitely wouldn’t enjoy the thought of it, though.

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I wouldn’t like it. Maybe that is because I looked at porn a few times today. But I would understand that she/he is of age and I couldn’t really do much about it.

I would do my best to help them get into a situation where they didn’t need to do it.

P.S. Dudes do porn too. But the guys are studs that are living every mans dream. ~

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If it was my choice absolutely not, but like said above they can legally make that decision on their own at the age of 18. I can keep telling them no till I am blue in the face, but in the end they are going to do what they want. When they become a certain age you can’t tell them what to do anymore. Just guide them and help them to make the right decision for themselves.

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JP and PnL a couple??

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In the movies.

edit :: the images are a joke. They will go back to normal soon.

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A couple of what?~

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JP and PnL are not a couple. See this thread for the explanation.

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Lurve is not necessarily love, jellies!

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Heck no!

Can you imagine how degrading that would be to know that the fruit of your loins is getting banged by a**holes for money?

Wow…I would go crazy

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Ummmm NOOOOOO!!!!

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I love the Idea that you’d let your daughter be in a porn film, but there’d be limits to what you’d let her do. That makes me laugh!

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if you enjoy it, why not make a career from it?

Yes, because it is her choice.
Would I agree to it, HELL F^CKEN NO!
But the life she leads is her own.

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Are you asking because this is a realistic problem and if so could you direct me to her website… ;) JK… sortof

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Well somebodys got to do it, cause there is alot of porn out there. I wouldnt want my child to be in an environment like that with drugs and sexual assault and what not. I personally don’t view porn as all that bad. In fact, I think the reason why some porn is so bad is because we make it out to be. Girls with botched boob jobs, bad acting, bad directing, horrible picture, crappy music. All of these things I blame on our society. Think about how awesome porn could be if we embraced it like we do violence in movies. Whew…pretty awesome right? All star cast, best picture, music from artists we can actually identify, a wonderful script. That sounds alot better to me than the $1000 budget they use on these crappy porno flicks. Sex is natural, we like to do it alot because nature intended it to be that way. Watching sex is pretty awesome too and I never understood what was so shameful about it. Well anyways, if my kid was like “hey mom, I wanna be a porn star and have sex for a living” I’d be more afraid of how they’d be treated by others than that they were actually doing.

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I’d say if you’re the sort of parent who’s raised a child that’s considering a job in pornography, you already have some problems to deal with. If you want to suddenly show some moral indignation and a sense of propriety, maybe start now, rather than after she’s 18 and clearly looking for any path out of the house.

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@chaosrob: Could not have said it better myself

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@ chaosrob – Your not understanding what I’m saying. I don’t see porn as an immoral act.

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@nayeight: You are misunderstanding me. I’m not debating the morality of participating in a sex act for money (although I can, if you like – interesting pros and cons on both sides of that one).

What I’m saying is that in the vast bulk of cases, people who become sex workers have been abused or otherwise damaged in some way. It’s a very reliable indicator that if your child is seeking to make money doing porn, you’re doing something wrong. You might want to look into that.

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I dont need to look into anything, I dont have kids. Some people do porn because they want the money, like the attention, or are just really into sex. And if my kids grow up comfortable enough with their bodies & sexuality to get paid to have sex with someone on film, I’ll support them.

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So, when is your film coming out?

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Haha, next month. Why? Do you want a signed copy?

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I’d pay to see that. :P

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Pass, thanks. I’d be very curious to hear your impression of the industry in about six months, though.

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I’d probably think everyone was a douche and that it was hard work.

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does anyone else find it interesting, socially, that this question was asked about daughters & not sons? i mean, would you allow your son to act in a porn video? is “would you allow your son to act in a pornographic film” a different question altogether?

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@jacksonRice I think it is because the way that men are portrayed in pron films is different from the objectification of women. To answer that question, though, “No.” Remeber Johnny Wad? Male porn stars get HIV a lot.

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you don’t consider the image most men cut in most porn films is objectification? i do… i just think it’s a different kind. it’s still often an ugly, ugly, violent picture of one role during sex; it’s still often dehumanizing…

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ok all these people saying “shes 18 she can do what she wants”. that is a complete lie. most 18 year olds still live with their parents, as they are working their way through college or something, so parents still pretty much have 100% control over their kids, and if they are providing the roof over their head, the kids have a big reason to listen to the parents

and i would answer NO

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Well, it’s up to her, but i’d never approve it or like it. Still, if she did i’d try my best to support her not her choice, but still kinda lover her and stuff. I dont have a daughter tho, but that’s what i think i’d do.

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It wouldn’t be up to me when she is of legal age anyway, but I would support her and do what I can to make sure she stays safe at the same time.


Even if she’s an adult and wanted to do that, I’d do my best to stop her. It’s not my idea of what a proper young woman should do. And for me, it’s not gender specific——if I had a son who wanted to do that, I would be equally disappointed in him and try my best to dissuade him. It’s not what a proper gentleman should do with his life. It’s tacky, cheap and demeaning.

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At 18, all I could do is say I don’t think it’s a great, safe or intellectual way to make (very little) money – then support her and say she can always count on me to be there in a minute if necessary.

The industry sickens me, however, I’d say most of the (young people’s) dates – with alcohol, driving and sex (unprotected – if they “love” each other, right??!!) is probably less safe than a film set. They all get checked, there are lots of people around….

But what about your self-esteem? What about the repercussions afterward?

I know there are kazillions of films on the net – from Paris to Pamela – and they never seemed to hurt their careers. But somehow, for a regular person, for a film to “surface” later in life when they are a lawyer, doctor or teacher – it wouldn’t be the same as a socio-slut’s added publicity factor, n’est ce pas?

Or am I projecting?

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I have this mental image of racing up to the stage and yanking her off by the hair while yelling and swatting her with a tree branch. I’d probably get arrested or something but that’s what I’d want to do.

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