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Have you dreamed of fluther?

Asked by playthebanjo (2949points) June 26th, 2008

I know there have been a few dream questions lately…Last night I dreamed that I was using a old version of fluther that had no lurve component. The design was different…but some of the users were still the same, but with different names. I dreamed that Andrew asked a question about what the next vertion of fluther should have (his name was not andrew, but something close that I could figure out)...I answered that I “lurve” fluther like it was. A crazy online riot ensued with all the moderators and Andrew asking where I found out about lurve from (apparently it was to be released in the next version of fluther). I told them that I was visiting fluther from a future version, but no one believed me. It was very weird. Have you had fluther in your dreams?

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OK… That’s just wrong :P

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Sad to say, but yes. I had a dream that the collective decided to have a huge face to face meeting. I was traveling on a plane telling everyone that I was a member of fluther, and that we were all meeting. They all seemed to think that we were a secret society or something. Well, long story short, when I get to the meeting place and open the door, I wake up before I see anyone’s face.

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could you hear music through the door?

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I heard a lot of talking, but no music. When I was opening the door, I heard everyone say, “Someone else is coming in”.

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you might have been at the wrong the fluther conference me and iwamoto are going to be in a band.

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Nice. Maybe I can sing a few songs with you guys.

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done…you are now the singer.

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Oohoo, can I be in the background choir? ^.^

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no, never dreamed of Fluther (wow you are obsessed!). I do however want to be the Fluther band’s #1 groupie!

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Okay- you are on the list.

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Wow, groupies already! :)

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see how cool it is to be in a band? i bet we get more groupies soon enough.

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That’s some painkillers (or anti-inflammatory) you’re on!!

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i had never been given them in shot form before…those sure do work better than pill form!

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wine i had a very similar dream. Going somewhere to meet everyone but never quite made it.

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@wildflower Huh?!

@uber Yeah, it’s weird isn’t it?

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I dreamt about Fluther the other night, but unfortunately I can’t remember what happened, sorry!

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I had a dream about Fluther tonight! In the dream, all of my questions and comments kept getting moderated and I was getting very annoyed. At the point when I woke up, I was deciding to quit the site!

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