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What is the most underrated Disney film? (cartoon)

Asked by pleiades (6607points) November 24th, 2013

I don’t believe there to be any truth to this question, obviously it’s purely subjective so let’s have fun with it!

Hercules get’s my vote!

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Chick fought serious adversity on the part of her allies as well as her enemies, and saved the entire country.

And even Disney wants to reduce her to just another pretty-pretty-princess.

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@Seek_Kolinahr My daughter LOVES Mulan! Mulan is her inspiration since she was a little girl and it first came out!

But I don’t really find Disney cartoons underrated, too many are overrated or overhyped.

The closest to underrated (or shall I say under appreciated) is Robin Hood.

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^ Ooh, your answer is better than mine. Robin Hood is definitely one of my favourites. I actually kind of forgot that was Disney. It’s so un-Disney-like.

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When I opened this question up I was thinking robin hood. But was sligly debating lady in the tramp or the fox and the hound.

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The Great Mouse Detective.

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Oh what about the rescue rangers? They were Disney right?

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@Seek_Kolinahr Mulan is AWESOME. One of my favorite Disney movies, along with The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Aladdin.

I understand that Disney uses their girl characters as princesses when they’re main characters regardless of social status, but dammit, technically, Mulan isn’t a princess. And neither was Esmeralda, what the hell.

And Shan Yu is a great villain. I love that guy.

Also, Mulan 2 sucks.

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Shan Yu, motherfuckers.

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Most underrated Disney villainess? Queen Grimhilde.

Tempts Cinderella with that sweet but poisoned MacBook Pro…

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Space Jam.

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I’m going with Basil The Great Mouse Detective, Vincent Price is brilliant as Rattigan.

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For certain the most underrated Disney cartoon, film, whatever is Destino.

Co written and animated by Salvador Dali’, the coolest man that ever lived.

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@SecondHandStoke Thanks for the tip, I’d never heard of that.

I just looked through a list of animated Disney movies on Wikipedia, and was startled to see Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away there. Weird.

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Sleeping Beauty, 1959. A bomb at the theaters.

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Seriously, I still think Kida was the first black princess and she was a total badass. They never made it official because it didn’t do all that well.

And I’m totally with @tom_g on Goofy Movie. The music from that one was great and I still jam to it on my iPhone today lol

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Happy Feet, I pretty much loved everything about that movie and could watch it again and again. Nemo’s pretty good, too (I’m a dork fish!)

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Tarzan. Great soundtrack. Um.. I have a couple songs on my iPod.

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The Emperor’s New Groove. The humor is extremely reminiscent of the TV show Seinfeld, which is surprising for a Disney movie.

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@rockfan Good choice. Loved that one! Is that my voice?

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