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What is your favorite animated movie?

Asked by Joker94 (8175points) July 3rd, 2011

And more importantly, why? Do you prefer any studio/company/etc. over any other? Disney? DreamWorks? Pixar? Warner Brothers?

I’ve always had a fondness for the Wallace & Grommit series, which was played very frequently on Cartoon Network when I was younger. Curse of the Were-Rabbit was a great movie, but I still love the original shorts too. I also watched The Iron Giant for the first time in years, and I completely forgot how awesome it was.

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Snow White.

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If Brad Bird wrote/directed it, I’m there, no matter what studio he’s with. He’s a master storyteller. I will actually see Mission Impossible IV because he’s directing it.

Plus, I love the story about how he tried to get a voice to do Edna Mode for The Incredibles and he kept asking for so many tweaks from the aspirants that others at Pixar were like, “Dude, just do the voice yourself!” and he did, magnificently.

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Wizards(film) by Ralph Bakshi. And I liked Fritz the Cat too.

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Old school : The Jungle Book
Modern : Toy Story trilogy

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There isn’t really one favorite.
As a child, like @ucme, it was The Jungle Book. It was a tale of diversity, evil vs. good, good songs, and a dash of romance.

Potentially NSFW, if children are present: Bambi Meets Godzilla. Why you ask? It was shown in college on movie night, and the wide range of audience vocal reactions was an eye-opener to personal perspectives.

As an adult, Monsters, Inc. It’s just plain funny and has a happy ending.

@Joker94 I adore Wallace & Gromit as well.

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I like Finding Nemo and Ice Age.

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Fave animated movie is probably The Incredibles.

I remember Bambi Meets Godzilla! Laughed so hard the first time I saw it, I cried. In the same vein, but a lot more sick, is Rejected. I am a BANANA!

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I loved UP of my favorite all time movies.

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I love Wallace and Gromit!
I have a fondness for Pixar – they have always been super creative. I dream of working there as an animator. But lately, the movies have been kind of disappointing. I mean Cars 2? Really? I saw it yesterday and it was about as good as Bolt. Up was cute but not great quality. They’ve started just cranking out sub-par movies. Is Pixar running out of ideas? Maybe, but I really hope not. Let’s hope Brave puts them back on track.

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@Hibernate Balto rocks. Only the first one though.

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Ryan is one of my favorites. It’s short—only about 14 minutes long. It’s an homage by one Canadian animator to one of his personal idols, Ryan Larkin, a pioneer in animation. The voice track is an actual interview with Larkin, but the visuals are a fantastic… well, just watch it. Choose the “HD” option from the quality settings.

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If they made a TF2 feature film, I would watch that.

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@Pied_Pfeffer The Jungle Book was amazing, one of the most underrated Disney movies. Next to The Great Mouse Detective. But Bambi Meets Godzilla was amazing XD
@Hibernate Balto was an amazing movie, that was a favorite around my house as a kid.
@JessK I thought Up was a great film, but I agree that Cars didn’t really need a sequel. Now, the Incredibles needs a sequel in the worst way..

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I loved Team America, for it’s bizarre humor and the most exiting sex scene I have ever scene played out by puppets. ‘America, Hell yeah!”

But also the original Fantasia was groundbreaking, as were most of the pixar movies.


Walt Disney’s “Fantasia”.

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@JessK I agree with your observation re: Pixar. They’re running out of ideas it seems. The thing is about 4 or 5 years ago they had plans to accept submissions from outside sources but for some reason changed their minds. They also felt troubled by that lawsuit against them from that guy who claimed he had drawn the Nemo design. It resulted in their desire to keep every idea development in-house and from within that tight circle of directors, Lasseter, Bird and two others I think.

For some reason, UP was disappointing in my view and so did Wall E. They’re brilliant ideas but half-baked in execution. They seem to be falling into the same Disney trap of producing formulaic films, even if they created the formula themselves. If Brave proves to be less than stellar. I think they really have to reevaluate their method. The latest brilliant work they did was Toy Story 3. That animated artwork was transcendent, perfect!

To answer the question here, my favorite animated movie of all time is My Neighbor Totoro.

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Inma Seiden.

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“Wall E” and “Prep and Landing.” I like animated movies with minimal dialogue, where you must watch to really get the story, not check your texts or search for the last few kernels of popcorn in your tub.
I also love 1986 to 1996 Disney movies, starting with “The Great Mouse Detective” and continuing through “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Aladdin,” “Lion King,” “Pocahontas,” and ending with “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Even the non-animated films during that 10 year span’s really good. I’m not sure what the common thread is among these movies, but their animation, music, lyrics—I really, really enjoyed this 10 year span. Instead of keeping up the good work, I feel like they really took a nosedive with “Hercules,” which is as tacky as a movie house floor. Maybe all the talent just moved over to Pixar—

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The Lion King.

I can sing along to the entire movie. :)

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I swear, I’ve got all the dialogues for The Iron Giant memorised.
I’m also a fan of Ice Age, Kung Fu Panda, Bugs Life, Cars etc.

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As far as the style of animation, I love The Jungle Book and Peter Pan. I just love those atmospheric colors (that were very popular during the early 60’s) and the songs in JB are just super funny and sing-able. I recently found a couple of interesting documentaries about the making of Peter Pan and Jungle Book (this is part 1 of 12). The most interesting part was finding out that they used real live actors, to do all of the movements and voices, and then the animators would use these visual cues to make their illustrations. Turns out that the voice actress who did the voice of Wendy in Peter Pan, also did the voice of Alice in Wonderland.

But I would have to say that Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me and Megamind were probably the funniest (pee in your pants) movies I’ve ever seen. I mean who makes a movie with a ray gun that squirts fish? And who makes a funny, scary and sympathetic character out of a giant, half naked plastic doll (Big Baby)? Great stuff.

My favorite TV cartoon is Sidney the Elephant (crazy, minimalist, psychedelic stuff)

On a side note, there is a great documentary about the making of Mary Poppins, with some great info about the animated parts. The series is narrated by Dick Van Dyke. You can see it Here (this is part 1 of 6).

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I’ve gotten to really enjoy Miyazaki’s movies, even though I don’t normally go for that sort of thing.

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@MilkyWay I love the whole “Kent Mansley, I work for the government.” spiel XD
@KatetheGreat That reminds me, I found this video online recently, The “Complete” Lion King. It edits together the Lion King, The Lion King 1½, and the Lion King 2 together into a 3 hour movie lol
@incendiary_dan I can’t believe I overlooked Miyazaki! Princess Mononoke was amazing..

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@Joker94 “I… wasn’t gonna say that. Iv’e got something for you, ‘Hogarth’.”
Mum: “Your Bibi gun. Where did you find that?”
Kent: “Up at the powerstation.”
Mum: “Hogarth was up there the other night.”
Kent: “Oh really? See anything unusual, Hogarth?”
Hogarth: No… thing… Unusual… Really :)”
I promise this is from the top of my head. XD

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@MilkyWay Dang! That is mighty impressive. Man, about 8 years ago, Cartoon Network used to play that movie on Thanksgiving Day for 24 hours straight XD

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Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva.
I love the Professor Layton video games, and the movie was very good. At least in my eyes.

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KUNG FU PANDA. I just love Jack Black <3

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^ Haha :D

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The Iron Giant is awesome. I also really love Fox’s animated Anastasia and Disney’s Hercules. They are so cute! But for pure animation (as well as story) you can’t beat Persepolis.

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I’m madly in love with Ninja Scroll. (the movie, never did see em series)

Here’s a scene with my favourite character, Utsutsu the blind swordsman.

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Recently? Rango.
Of all time? Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away (tie)

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And I just saw The Illusionist today. It was animated by the same guy who did Triplets of Belleville and carries his stylistic stamp. It was quite good.

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I love animated movies it’s hard to pick one.

Older: Disney’s Jungle Book (I loved the Walt era of Disney – 1930’s through the 60’s).

Newer: Finding Nemo is one of my all time favourite computer animated movies. Ice Age and Monsters Inc. is up there too.

The latest one I’ve seen was Rio was pretty good.

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@Joker94 I know right?? My whole family is just waiting for that one to come out…

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By far the greatest animated/CGI movie is Wall E. Emotional, gripping, action packed….well the last part anyways lol! I love that movie so much! WAAAAAAAAAALLLEEEEEE!!!

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Oh…how can I forget. Probably my favorite animated movie of all time, is Grave of the Fireflies. Disregard my previous answers.

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Over the hedge

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Has to be, without thinking for another second, ‘How to train your Dragon’. Beautiful.

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@Ayesha Did you know they’re making a second? They say it’s more of a second chapter; it’s supposed to turn out really good. But you never know with sequels…

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@JessK I had no idea! True, they do ruin movies with sequels. Has become more of a tradition now. They shadow the first parts in a bad way. Although some do turn out good. With a movie like ‘How to train your dragon’ I don’t think anyone would mind a second part :)

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Of all time… FANTASIA. Gorgeous, inventive, far ahead of its time.

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