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Can you choose a book, a movie and an album?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) November 28th, 2013

You’re going into total isolation for 30 days. You’ll be in a lead lined room with a comfy bed, plush recliner, state-of-the-art video equipment, and top-of-the-line exercise equipment. Radio and TV reception are impossible.

The problem is, time is short and the materials you take in have to be specially prepared. You’re limited to one average sized book, a single video and a single CD.

Name the book, video and CD you would take. You can use them as much/many times as you like, but you can’t get any more.

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College cheerleader porn , dungeons and dragons 3rd edition players handbooks and dm guides, Deja yu or nes collection of 8 bit music, (like the the truth about D&D ) you tube video

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1. Short stories of the pacific, Somerset Maugham. 2. ‘Country Life’ 3. Like a Version , latest edition.

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The Iliad – the best of Johann Strauss I CD and 2001 : A Space Odyssey .

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I don’t think I really understand your question @ibstubro
Can you make it a little clearer? Are those 3 things what I can take from the room, or are they what I have to bring when I go into the room?

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Only one book? Seriously?!? Am I going to prison? Well then my book would be The Harper Hall of Pern by Anne McCaffrey , Love Actually for the video, and Night Visions by Imagine Dragons for the album.

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My first thought for the book was “Lord of the Rings”. But, I guess that is not “average size”.
hmmm does “Les Miserables” count as “average size”? Eh…probably not.


On the Line:The Making of “A Chorus Line” for the book
(I’ve been wanting to read it and haven’t yet)

For the album I would choose “Glenn Miller’s Greatest Hits”
(That music brings out every emotion in me. I figure I’ll need something like that or I am going to get bored as hell)

For the movie I would choose “Donnie Darko: The Director’s Cut”
(I figure with that much time, maybe I can actually understand that thing)

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Book, Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. I’m all into horror and shit, but that one book is my favorite. I’ve read it like 15 times, and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it. As well, since now it’s all old and dated, every time I read I remind myself, hey man, this is happening in the 80’s, and it’s a bit of a sad feeling. By the time I’m reading this, all the characters would be nearing 40 or so, therefore it’s depressing…but if I were stranded on some damn island, it would fit well. Maybe I’ll learn how to concoct drugs from mushrooms and sea snakes to pass the time if the book ever does get boring.

Movie, well, it would have to be a long one…now this is tougher. Probably Conan the Barbarian. See this movie kind of changed my life. Saw it when I was little. Before that movie, I loved insects and nature, and they were my passion. But after that movie, I got into video games and fantasy. Granted, that probably changed my life for the very worse, I won’t deny. But it was pivotal in my existence, such as it stands. So, gotta have em memory factors playing in, if I’m going to rot on some damn island and ponder my life most of the time, I guess. I can always slaughter some wild life if the movie does get boring.

Album. Can’t quite think of a good one. Can I exchange that option for one video game? Because if this scenario happened to me and I got to take three things to pass the time with, one would be a video game.

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Yes, yes I can, but it’s a secret.

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I’m not too sure what an “average-sized” book is! I’d definitely want to take Stephen King’s classic “The Stand” for reading pleasure. “Animal House” for the movie. And The Moody Blues “Days Of Future Passed” for the album/CD.

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Snort @talljasperman. and an extran big box of Kleenex?

@trailsillustrated Maugham would be good to spend some time with.

Wow, @lx102303. You’re not going to have a lot of free time with that list.

I’m not familiar with anything on your list, @Juels! I was thinking about you when I noted ‘average sized’ book. I was afraid you (or someone much like you) would know a book as big as an end table. lol

Great choices with Chorus Line and Miller, @anniereborn. I’m unfamiliar with the movie…something makes me thing I’ll stay that way.

@Symbeline We might have to include some anti-depressants, trapping you in a room with all those memories. You can exchange for a game, but there’s no player. lol

“The Stand” is a good one, @TheRealOldHippie. One I could stand myself. “Animal House”? Really?

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Book: “The best poems of the English language” by Harold Bloom. It’s a carefully-chosen poetry anthology with thoughtful and illuminating analysis alongside.

Movie: Ghost World.

Album: ???

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@ibstubro You can exchange for a game, but there’s no player. lol

Then I’ll REALLY need anti depressants.

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Thanks, @Haleth. Sounds like a book that could be read cover to cover, back to back.

@Symbeline we’ll put you on suicide watch, too.

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Having never read the damn thing completely, I guess it would be time to do The Bible. Album would have to be Stones Hot Rocks. DVD would be my self compiled “greatest Ginger Lynn scenes”. About 15 hours worth.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous “do The Bible”, The Stones and porn stars might not be a compatible environment?

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@ibstubro If there’s people watching me, why couldn’t they just get me off the island?

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I’ve thought it over a bit. I need to know more specifics. First of all, does the book have to be someone else’s? Could it be whatever book I’m writing currently? Would I be allowed to have a computer to work on it, no internet, of course. If I have to choose someone else’s book, it would be Valley Of Horses by Jean Auel. I’ve read the whole series, but I think that’s the one I’d like most to revisit.
My choice of album is Def Leppard, Rock of ages…..but mine is the video collection. Would that count also as my movie?
If not, my movie choice would be made randomly from a list. I would print up a list, and point with my eyes closed. The list would include, but not be limited to; The Ten Commandments, Field of dreams, Braveheart, Independence Day, National Treasure, My Fair Lady.

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@Symbeline WHAT ISLAND? Could be the mental ward?

@Jonesn4burgers Keep it simple. A book to read, a movie to watch and an album to listen to. One of each, so it reveals something about yourself to the other members.

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Okay. Here goes. Valley Of Horses, My Fair Lady, Def Leppard Rock Of Ages (Video version or not).
As you can see, I stick to no one era, no one genre. I like passion, not simply sexual passion, but passion for life, for dreams, for one’s calling. I like performances which show the performers’ passions or that well conveys a writer’s passion.
I like people who are pssionate abot drama, or architecture, or their god(s), or food, or driving, or saving the planet. I find Def Leppard’s devotion to their drummer exceptional, and his devotion to learning how to play drums one handed I find very exciting. Their music is fun, energetic. I really love people who are exceptional at whatever it is they do, because they have great passion for that something.
Have I now met the criteria? :)

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@ibstubro I wanna go to pillow island.

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@Symbeline is that in the Nap-a valley?

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I like people of passion, myself, @Jonesn4burgers. Ex: Etta.

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@ibstubro I love that song and that very version

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Me too, @anniereborn. I have sat and played it 10 times in a row, and it raised my hair every single time. Amazing. Simply amazing that a human could emote so much with the sound of their voice.

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I’m in full agreement on that choice.

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Average sized book? Le Sigh, that probably rules Les Miserables (unabridged) and Atlas Shrugged out. So I would grab the John Ciardi translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

For a DVD I would definitely grab What the Bleep? Down the Rabbit Hole, a great documentary I love.

For a CD I would grab Believe by the Celtic Women. By far their best album and one I never get tired of hearing.

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