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Why do kamikaze's wear helmets?

Asked by aisyna (963points) June 26th, 2008

what is the point of wearing a helmet if you know you are going to die??

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radio in the helmet, so that you can receive orders till the very end maybe?

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They don’t want to die before they carry out their duty.

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Head injury!

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Prevent injury prior so as not to impead the assignment at hand.

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Avoid Snipers headshots or other lethal stuffs

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Have you seen what they put in a kamikaze? The helmet is to protect your head when you fall off the barstool.

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Mainly radio, and to protect the hearing. Why you ask, because of the radio. And they didn’t design any specific kamikaze headsets so they used the standard helmets.

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Amen @AC. The Long Island ice tea should come with life-jackets.

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the radio makes sense but they wear leather helmets and it dosent seem like they would be able to put radios in there

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Cold protection, Zero cockpits weren’t sealed tight. At the high speed from high altitudes I guess windchill would be a factor, along with the radio headset of course.

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To look way cooler/ not hurt their heads before they got to the dyingtime ships.

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