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Who are Boris Johnson and Nick Ferrari?

Asked by flo (10553points) December 5th, 2013

Here the story that made me ask.

In general, what is Boris Johnson about, and what is Nick Ferrari about, outside this story?

Which IQ test you find the best? Or are IQ tests no good at all?

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I think Boris Johnson is the mayor of London, and sort of a bumbling fool, like Biden.

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Nick Ferrari is the British version of a radio announcer. Boris Johnson is a politician. Their conversation is like Rob Ford being interviewed by Don Imus.

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@ragingloli is exactly right about Boris Johnson, especially the “bumbling fool” part. I have never heard of Nick Ferrari.

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Thanks all. What is a good IQ test (available on line, free)?

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I hope the test is about not paying 18 dollars for that test.

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$18 dollars that is too too much.

Rob Ford should be arrested. No comparison with Boris I’m sure. And Nick and Don Imus, I don’t know.

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