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Whats a good web service to set up an online store ?

Asked by mirza (5052points) June 26th, 2008

I know there are tons of websites that offer pretty much the same service. So I need an online service that lets you set up a store and customize it. The big factor is simply how easy-to-use the site and how much customization options there are. I pretty much need a site similar to BigCartel (which does t-shirts only). The service does not necessarily have to be free.

Also please don’t recommend ebay or amazon since I need the store to be unique looking


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BigCartel is just for shirts? I’ve bought prints from there before, and a pair of handmade gloves. I think it’s quite art centric, but you can probably list anything on there. I’ll go check it out and report back. :)

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If it were me…(I don’t know what you can do with PHP and the like) I’d make it up myself real quick like and use authorize dot net to accept payments…paypal would work as well, but I’ve written code to accept credit cars directly on a website before through
Carts, checkout, users, etc, it’s all relatively simple…you just gotta know what you’re doing. And if you do it this way it will be 100% customizable.

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Yup. You can basically sell anything.

The featured store is actually for notebooks, and they don’t restrict you to particular items in the TOS. Or you could do something bespoke like Breefield suggests, but it could be overkill depending on what you’re going to be selling.

Good luck with the store, or to whomever you are setting this up for.

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@jp: Oooh, great suggestion. Forgotten about those guys.

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Dude, nice find. I’m stoked to use this myself

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Thanks everyone. I just realized that BigCartel will let me sell Coffee. The only draw back to big cartel is the 100 product limit. I really like Shopify though. I’ll see how many products my client wants to sell each month and let you guys know which i picked

jasonk's avatar seem to be popular, depends on what you are selling. i dont really like to buy from peope who have paypal or google checkouts.

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@jasonk: I am the complete opposite. Not having to dig out my card and redistribute my info yet again is a gift!

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I use for several clients and I really like what it can do. There is a lot of flexibility.
This is not an e-bay type site… you would be building your very own shopping cart, not related to any other sellers.

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I would suggest Amazon or eBay or CafePress.

popo7676's avatar i dont know how good they are, but they seem pretty good to my knowledge.

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@popo: That’s just t-shirts though?

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@richard: no i check and they sell shirts, pants, shorts, hats, and more stuff. Are you sure you checked?

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