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Can fresh pumpkin be peeled, cut up (cubed) and frozen for later use?

Asked by 2davidc8 (7692points) December 11th, 2013

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Yes, just peel them, scoop out the seeds, and cut the flesh into small chunks. Loosely fill it in ziploc bags.

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Yes. I have some boiled and frozen in my freezer right now.

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This is not a video link, but a link video’s you may want to look at before peeling your pumpkin. It can be quite difficult and dangerous.

I believe the answers above cover the freezing of pumpkin.

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@jca You have to boil it first, before freezing it?

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Actually if you just cut the pumpkin in half scoop out the seeds and place each half face down on parchment paper on a cookie sheet and cover completely with tinfoil and bake at 375degrees until the outside gets soft about 1hour30 for a med sized pie pumpkin. After they’ve cooled scoop out the pumpkin and freeze it. I’ve found this much easier than any other way I have tried.

Before it’s frozen or after it’s thawed you can put the pumpkin in the blender to make it smoother. :) Some pumpkin is kindof stringy.

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@KaY_Jelly Actually, I’m hoping to cook the pumpkin later in a stew (with beef or curry), so I don’t want it too soft and like a puree just yet. I would like to just freeze it for now, and later not have it turn out too mushy when I thaw it.

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@2davidc8 ok well all you need to do is peel the pumpkin thoroughly and then cut the pumpkin into cubes and then freeze in a Ziplock bag, I don’t recommend overfiling the bag, I’ve done that with fruit and it’s harder to break off if you need a cup and not the whole bag.

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I would cook it first. It makes it lots easier to cut up.

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OK, thank you all for your input. Much appreciated!

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Yes, like @marinelife said, for me, the reason I boiled it first was so that it was easier to cut. Also, now when I bake with it, it’s ready to go (just like canned pumpkin, ready to put into a recipe).

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