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My fried rice is too bland, how to make it tastier?

Asked by AshlynM (10683points) September 22nd, 2017

I used two day old rice, frozen peas and carrots, the fried rice seasoning packet and followed the directions on it. All it required for way of flavor was soy sauce and the packet. I tasted it but it was too bland. I added salt and more soy sauce, still too bland.
What else could I add to make it more flavorful? I have oyster sauce, seasame oil and fish sauce on hand. I don’t really like egg in fried rice.

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Saute some scallions and garlic in sesame oil, then add it to what you have above. It will add aroma and depth to your fried rice.

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Yes on the green onions, I use both oyster and fish sauce as well as hot peppers to liven it up a bit. A little sesame oil helps too so You’re on track for doing it right just ditch the fried rice packets.

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Garlic and ginger. Always garlic and ginger. And onions.

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I add and egg or two during the boiling process of the rice, but you don’t want egg. It seems to make a big difference, though. It works better than trying to add it at any other time during the process.

Then I quick fry up a LOT of onions in a touch of oil and set off to the side. Then I throw my cuts of chicken in to the same oil, and quick fry them. To the chicken I add pepper and some garlic. Not salt, since I’ll be adding soy sauce.
Then add soy sauce…and my husband can’t get enough of it. We fight over it!
I don’t use any prepackaged mixes in anything I make.

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I always use diced onion in fried rice. A shot of siracha sauce would also help.

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I think the onions make a huge difference, especially when you fry them. I cut them up but leave pretty good sized chunks because we both love fried onion. We could eat just that.

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Try adding one, two or all the ingredients below:

Rule Number One: Always cook your rice in vegetable or chicken broth. It gives the rice a much fuller flavor.

Rule Number Two: Forget the spice packet if it isn’t working for you. Save it and use it on something else.

Ground, dry cumin.

1 onion, minced.

1 clove garlic, minced.

A pinch of ground, dried caraway seeds, for a little Middle Eastern flavor.

Spanish saffron

Ground, black pepper

A smidgen (half a pinch) of ground, whole Jamaican pepper kernel (aka Allspice)

Another smidgen of ground nutmeg

Another smidgen of ground clove

Salt to taste, but probably not required.

A pinch or two of chill powder—for the Mexican effect.

Optional: Now, fry the rice in a pan, for further Mexican effect by strengthening the flavors.
If you like soy, go for it. But be careful: it can easily dominate all the other flavors. (I advise against it.)

A couple of sprigs of cilantro, minced and added just before serving to brighten all the other flavors.

You now have a bowl of delicious rice as served in the Caribbean. It is the result of the many cultures that have found anchorage here. I guarantee you will love it. The ingredients above also make for a nice dry chicken rub.

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Good idea about the broth @Espiritus_Corvus.

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Diced chicken breast. Chicken or beef broth is cheap. Or chicken or beef oxo cubes for cheaper. Or if your desperate you can pepper. Or trash it and get a pizza?

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I don’t care much for soy sauce. I always put copious amounts of teriyaki on my rice. Usually add cashews as well. But that’s only an every now-and-then thing for me. Way too much salt to do that often.

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Thanks guys. I’ll try your suggestions next time. I added some Hoisin sauce to it after I reheated it and it was much better.

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Hm. I’ll have to try teriyaki next time. It sounds really good.

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Isn’t teriyaki made form soy sauce?

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I think so, but a little different.

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Yes, teriyaki is made with a soy sauce base, but it is different from soy sauce. Teriyaki tends to be sweeter and, to these taste buds at least, more flavorful than plain soy sauce. I find soy sauce on it’s own to be a bit dull.

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Teriyaki has pineapple in it, I think

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I make rice straight from scratch by sauteing onion, pepper and garlic. Then I add the rice and toast it. And then I add water with either a chicken stock in or soy sauce. And sometimes I add ginger to it.

If I get the salt balance right then this very tasty.

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I love a bunch of onion in mine.

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Delete the peas and carrots, or serve separately. Add bits of bacon and chili powder for Spanish rice.

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