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What's the best way to deal with tinnitus ?

Asked by VikR105 (35points) December 13th, 2013 from iPhone

I have a hissing sound in my ear for over a month and it’s getting me depressed and gives me anxiety. How do I deal with it ?

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Go see an audiologist.

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Talk to an ENT doctor. In the mean time, try cutting out all foods that contain sodium nitrate. It worked for my inner ear problem. I miss bacon and pastrami so much!

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Give your ears a break from loud noises.

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Stop taking anything with aspirin. Avoid any noisy areas.

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@tropical_willie if it’s to quiet I hear the hiss and it drives me insane.

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@VikR105: See @Rarebear‘s comment. You are getting free medical advice from our benevolent resident MD.

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We have advised you to consult and audiologist and otologist in your previous questions, and also a mental health professional to address your anxiety. Have you done so?

The American Tinnitus Association is a good resource for information, and if you are in the US, they list some support groups.

Meanwhile, until you have your symptoms evaluated by health care professionals, all you can do is distract yourself from it. I use a sound app on my phone to play at night while I sleep.

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There’s different causes, so there’s different cures. I’ve had it all my life. I was in my teens before I found a doctor who didn’t believe I was making it up to get attention. He prescribed a teenie tiny red pill which was meant to make me stop grinding my teeth in my sleep.
I had less severe headaches, but the ringing, buzzing, chirping continued unchanged. My mom said she wasn’t going to spend any more money on it. Tony Randall told Johnny Carson that he started experiencing it, and that was why he had to stop doing The Odd Couple. He went around the world and was unable to find a cure.
My point is to say it is real, it is devastating to lve with, but you have to be diagnosed, because it is likely temporary for you.
To comfort myself as a child, I used to pretend it was the universe singing a lullaby to me.
See the doc, and hope it is treatable in your case.

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Learn to heal yourself through habituation.

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