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Book Gurus: Have you ever bought from

Asked by pleiades (6576points) December 18th, 2013

I’m looking to get a copy that they offer for the cheapest price. Have you ever used

Also, what are the large book retailers available on the internet?

I know of Barnes and Noble, Amazon, eBay… That’s about it…


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I always prefer Barnes and Nobles or Amazon. Some other places to buy books are and

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When I started buying books online I stumbled onto, and from them learned to buy from a whole slew of different suppliers. I haven’t used them in a while now, so things may have changed, but I never got bad information from them when I used them, and when I’d search for a book on their site I’d be prompted for whole rafts of suppliers of any type of publication (hardcover, softcover, trade editions) in all kinds of condition, from new to “used, excellent condition” to “used, fair condition”.

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I’ve been a customer of for years, and when I stumbled upon I switched to them as I was thrilled they sell books without charging any shipment costs. Overall, they were acquired by not so long ago, but I still buy from them regularly.

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Only one year with LibraryThing’s SantaThing. It seemed pretty good. Lately I’ve been in need of harder to find older books so I’ve been hitting up Alibris.

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