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How do we know if it is the Southern Illinois coach who is ineffective?

Asked by flo (10353points) December 19th, 2013

Out of control/abusive or what? Coaches and managers gets fired when teams keep losing. This man is sounding he is sure it is not his fault. Could it be his coaching ability that is in question?

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That’s hilarious, actually. I don’t think it’s abusive at all. He never once called a player a name, he is just calling them out, trying to get them to play better.

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Solid professionalism, solid emotional state. This is just exemplary isn’t it?

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I don’t see how it’s abuse at all. Is it ineffective coaching? Perhaps. But he’s been coaching them and it seems the students aren’t responding.

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He needs to go on a sick leave. He can’t even control himself, never mind lead others.

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Effectively, he is making excuses for himself.

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So if you’ve already come up with your own answer, then why are you asking the question? Or was the question rhetorical?

I disagree with you. If it motivates his kids to play better, then he’s doing his job. I have no doubt that he told them exactly the same things in the locker room.

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He should say these words:
“I need to see a doctor before I explode even further, my mental health is more important. I’m sure there are other coaches who can do a lot better.”

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