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How long of jailtime would someone get for 10,000 dollars worth of theft?

Asked by rockfan (7803points) December 19th, 2013

A year ago my best friend stole 10,000 dollars worth of things from my house to pay for drugs. My family never pressed charges, and now he’s in drug rehab. How much jail time do you think he would have recieved?

He stole jewelry, rare sports memorabilia, treasured family items, movies, portable DVD players, and an iPad.

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First offense? No jail time with a fee and probation.

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Depends on the State, prior offenses, etc.

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In California, it’s burglary. And it’s up to 6 years in State Prison and a strike towards the 3 strikes law.

And did he steal all that at once, or in multiple trips? Each instance is a separate count, each up to six years.

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@zenvelo He stole in three seperate trips.

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Are they black or wealthy?

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That depends on how rich you are in the first place.

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The sentencing may vary per city and county.It may also depend on the kind of goods stolen. Check the Embezzlement Laws by State.

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Also depends on the judge and can depend on if he had a good lawyer. Also its likely the district attorney might have offered a plea deal. It might have included rehab, and possibly probation in lieu of jail time. There are many factors that would determine the punishment a criminal would get.

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