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What was the most shocking, entertaining, glorious or scandalous news story of 2013?

Asked by JimTurner (1380points) December 20th, 2013

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot”

Soon we will be counting down the end of 2013. Before the ball drops on Times Square what event or events would you say characterizes this year?

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The global Stasi Gestapo NSA espionage reveal.

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I just found this out after googling, but over 230 people died in a nightclub in Brazil.

Nelson’s death.

A factory collapse in Bangladesh killing over 700.

The NSA fiasco.

The ousting of President Mursi.

Scientists cloning stem cells successfully.

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I have to go with Rob Ford. Second might be that Newt payed to murder his wife to replace her for a newer model.

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The rich kid suffering from “Affluenza” that recently got his bloody little hand slapped and his video games taken away for his stay in a resort style rehab facility after murdering several people while drinking and driving. Oh brother, unreal!

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@Coloma :: Good call.. That is the most rage-inducing.

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Others jellies have pretty much covered my answer, so I’ll just add that for me, one of the most shocking, entertaining, scandalous and hardly glorious ongoing stories this year has been the dysfunction of the U.S. Congress. Many if not most of the actions they’ve taken and not taken this year have dire ramifications for years to come.

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Thank you everyone.

All the answers are Spot On.

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@JimTurner Yes, it is. Imagine, horseback riding on beautiful grounds as part of your “therapy.” Pffft! In this case the little begger WILL ride. lol
This world. :-/

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@Coloma Yep. I couldn’t believe that.

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The barbaric & cowardly murder of soldier Lee Rigby in London in May.
The bastards were found guilty yesterday & will be sentenced in the new year, throw the fucking key away.

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Mandala’s death was news, did not mourn him at all. I enjoyed the two holiday because our company closed in honor of Mandela, instead of sitting and watching South-Africans mourning and watching documentaries how horrible whites were I spend time at a lake.
I wish the Chinese moon landing mission with their rover would be more interesting but even that was boring and the winner is… the NSA scandal toppled all the scandals!

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Also…( yep, I’m stuck on this, haha ) the kids Daddy is paying 450k a year for his 2 year “rehab.” O-O

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One of the most disturbing is the heinous crimes against children and animals committed by the singer of Lostprophets.
29 years is not a long enough sentence. My guess is that he won’t make it out alive.
Sick, twisted piece of shit.

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@Katniss Never heard of that, what did he do? Then again, maybe I don;t want to know. I swear, child & animal abusers just need to be killed. Yeah, yeah, compassion…pffft! I have plenty of compassion, for their VICTIMS!

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Makes me tend to agree with @Katniss.

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@Coloma You don’t want to know. I really wish I didn’t. I’m right there with you. I think you already know that.

@ibstubro Thank you for the link. I didn’t even think to post one.

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Boggles the mind, @Katniss. Truly. It would be bad fiction…nauseating reality.

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@ibstubro Right? I really can’t even wrap my mind around it. I know there are some really sick tickets out there, but this guy takes the cake.

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I’d like to add the category 6 super hurricane (typhoon) that hit the Philippines.

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