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Is there an actual medical term for the inability to feel love?

Asked by emjay (681points) December 20th, 2013

I was doing some light searching earlier today for a term used for the inability to feel any sort of love for another person, or the inability to form meaningful relationships. Only thing I found off hand was that it is a form of PTSD, but there HAS to be some sort of term specific to this condition, doesn’t there? Anyone know what it is?

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No, its just plain selfishness.

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@Eggie, I’m talking about like, no matter what a person with this condition tries there is no FEELING. Not that they don’t want to love someone else, or don’t try to love someone else, just that every time they try to go through the normal pattern of love, no feelings develop.
@Katniss, no that’s an excessive love of yourself. What I’m thinking of is specific to other people.

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@Blondesjon , I thought that might be it but was rather hoping it WASNT. lol.

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Sociopathy doesn’t always mean wacko serial killer.

It’s been claimed that sociopathy is evident in more highly successful, socially loved people than you would think.

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It’s more akin to symptom than disorder, it’s known as socio-flat affect. To be void of emotion is indicative of a dysfunction of neurotransmitters in the brain. Medication, such as SRRIs, may be effective in addressing this symptom. Many serial killers have this flat affect.

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Sociopaths and maybe the more extreme forms of autism.

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Well, if you’re not that into “romantic” love, that’s one thing, but not being able to love anything, even a pet, well…I’d just say you’re a wounded soul and need therapy. lol
Yes, sociopaths/pathological narcissists do not feel “love”, they collect admirers and victims. If you are not looking to prey on others emotions for personal gain you are not these types.

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Check this out.

Good luck. :)

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@KaY_Jelly Right on. It’s all about genetics and the formative years experiences.
I was a great mom to my daughter and she is FAR more advanced than I was at the same age. However, if one really does their “work”, you can overcome a lot of the early programming.

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