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Are there any kinds of crayfish that are inexpensive (under $20) for a small freshwater fishtank?

Asked by gunther (169points) December 21st, 2013

My brother really likes lobsters- and I was thinking it would be great if for Christmas I could get him a “lobster” or crayfish to keep in his bedroom. We used to have fish, but haven’t for a while, but the tank is still in the basement. It’s a smallish tank (10 gallons I think) and it has a heater and filter. I don’t want to spend much more than $20, but I have no idea how much little crayfish cost at fish stores or what kind of environment they require, or if this is even a feasible idea with my budget. I’d like to have some idea of what I’m talking about before I go to the fish store though.

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A nice idea for your bother, points for that. :-)
Crayfish are fresh water crustaceans and Lobster are saltwater crustaceans.
Check with your local pet stores, Petco, etc. and also, you can google tins of articles on keeping Crayfish and, you can even order them online.
Google ” Where to buy and how to keep crayfish.”

There is a reddit article I browsed, but don;t have time to post the link right now.
Remember, you want to provide the right environment for them, it is cruel to neglect ANY creature, large or small. Good luck in your search!

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Here‘s @Coloma‘s link.

As I guessed, the ones you can buy at the bait shop seem to be fine. However, if you have to have one ordered, you’re probably too late for Christmas.

Good luck!

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“Feeder crayfish” are dirt cheap. like a dollar or so each; they’re super easy to care for as well.

If you want to spend a bit more you can get a blue crayfish (if I recall correctly, generally around $15), they’re also very easy to care for.

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If you have a bait store that carries them check there too. They will probably be a little cheaper there than at a pet store.

If you have other options for Christmas you can always wait until spring and go catch your own. Check the game laws to see if there is a season. You should probably check if it is legal to keep them as pets too before you get them.

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Crayfish are generally considered nuisance animals because they breed so fast and they are invasive in the western part of the country. I would be surprised if there’s a “crayfish catching season” especially since they’re considered bait. LOL

It’s a bit like having “worm catching season” when you want to go fishing…. :D

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We have waterways around here with thousands of free ones. Prepped properly, I hear they are delicious! As a pet you may want to check with the local Fish and Game Dept. since they are a native species.

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