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Who hates Christmas and why?

Asked by antimatter (4392points) December 25th, 2013

I think it’s a straight forward question, who hates Christmas and why?

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I do!

I like some of my family, can’t stand other parts of them. (that’s pretty normal I think) The part I hate is the forced gathering. I want to go over your house and have a nice time because I want to see you, not because some arbitrary day tells me I need to drop everything(during the busiest time of the year at work) and rush around twelve different places to see people. Generally having an ok time, that is until some fight happens between two members of the family that probably have no business gathering in the first place but are because IT’S CHRISTMAS! YAY HOLIDAY JOY….except not.

The gifts are another thing. Let me go spend some money I don’t have to buy you something you don’t need in order to prove “I love you”

I’ll end this rant with Ode to Christmas . Heard it on NPR yesterday and it was just perfect.

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Evidently all Un-American non-Christians according to Fox

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Besides God, whose birthday is gotten wrong every year?

I actually can’t say I give a sweet damn about the holiday itself, but the season and people’s behavior during the season, starting at Black Friday in the States, is fucking obnoxious. And that’s before you consider the loopy, santimonious, authoritarian twats who have to fill mass media with garbage like this every year…well, ‘cause their traditions are under attack they are attention-seeking narcissists.

Oh well. You have a few good days and then it’s Christmas again.

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I don’t “hate” Christmas – I just quit celebrating it over 25 years ago. So much of Christmas revolves around family and since I have no family, what’s to celebrate? I go out every year and buy myself something expensive as my Christmas gift to myself and that’s about it. Tomorrow I hit up the car dealers and see if I can buy myself a super-gift this year! But, if they aren’t willing to deal for a cash sale, I can always walk out. Tomorrow promises to be an interesting day.

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I don’t hate Christmas, but I do find the season quite stressful, with fighting crowds in stores to buy the “perfect gift” for someone.
Receiving gifts stresses me out, too. Is this what they think of me? They think this is the kind of thing I like? How much did this cost, and was my gift to them of equal value?
Not to mention that during this season, everyone drives like dogs. I am surprised there aren’t more accidents.

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I don’t hate it, but I do wish the gift giving was just for children in the family like how my family does Chanukah. Worrying about giving gifts to adults is stressful and receiving gifts I am not thrilled about is stressful. We were having a perfectly wonderful Christmas dinner until it got to the time where we exchanged gifts. One at a time, on display for everyone to see, I just don’t like it.

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Christmas depresses me. I struggle with this time of year, the end of one and the beginning of another. The thought of January being just around the corner causes me a lot of anxiety every year even though, every year, it’s never as bad as I feel it will be once it has started, I just find it incredibly daunting and I can’t understand or explain why.

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@Leanne1986 My birthday is Jan 3, so I kind of know what you mean. I try to focus on treating myself to birthday things all month, I celebrate birthday month. Maybe you could treat January as a treat month and plan something fun every January? Something to look forward to in the new year.

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@JLeslie That’s a nice idea! From February I have lots of events to look forward to so hopefully, once the first week of January is over my anxiety will ease and I will start to get on with the year ahead! I do hope I remember to wish you a Happy Birthday on the 3rd now!

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It’s difficult to remember a beginning of the year birthday, so don’t sweat it if you forget, but I appreciate your intentionneven if you do forget. We have a lot of early January jellies actually. I’ve been looking at possibly doing a night at Downtown Disney in earlyish January and I already started my birthday list for my husband. So far I have grapefruit spoons on the list and a new brown shirt to replace my old one that is very faded. I might add a new brown purse.

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I don’t hate Christmas but I hate all the prep-work that goes into it, and the obligation to send greetings cards to relatives I don’t even like and never see.

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I do! Because I usually don’t have a chance to celebrate it properly.
Christmas usually coincided with my exam time.
And I’m not Christian, so I’m not officially allowed to celebrate it.

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I’m not religious in any way, but to me it was supposed to be one of the few times of the year where you could conglomerate with others, share memorable experiences with loved ones and appreciate what you have. However, when I look at people being trampled to death at stores, people walking over a guy lying on the ground who’s having a heart attack, fight over pseudodeals, etc it does ake me see the hedonistic side of Christmas.

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Here’s this seasonal depressive’s take on the question:

Christmas should be moved to earlier in the year to celebrate the end of yet another mood and energy killing New York City winter.

It’s particularly depressing to fall from the slight increase in enthusiasm caused by Christmas into the grinding despair of the bulk of the season.

Or they could have founded what became New York on the mouth of the Savannah river.

Either change would help.

Apologies to those living in the Southern Hemisphere.

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