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What does your name mean?

Asked by babygalll (2763points) June 27th, 2008

Do you know the meaning of your name? Does the definition match with who you are?

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And no, it doesn’t, but it doesn’t NOT match who I am either. CFor a while I tried to live up to it in weird ways. But I’m not as affected by it anymore.

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Richard: Brave Ruler
The origin of the name Richard: English
Famous people with the name Richard: Richard Burton, actor. Richard Gere, actor. Richard Simmons, workout guru.

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Oh yea, I couldn’t say if it fits me, I haven’t ruled anything yet.

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See this thread for more information.

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This question was asked only a week ago.

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“little king”

Angry alcoholic that smokes way too much might be a better description.

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“Goddess” ....seriously. As for whether I live up to it, that’s a matter of opinion eh? What does your name mean?

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Ewe, as in sheep. And I am definitely not a sheep.

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Warrior from Mars

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And I’m a stoner!

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My last name means “ray of light” in Hebrew. Don’t really think of myself that way. My mother might.

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David: Beloved.

And yes, I am. Far and wide.

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high and noble. Lurve for who guesses what the name is…

As far as does it suit. Well, isn’t it obvious ~

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@osullivanbr: Brian?

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Lurve for your good self. Well done.

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My name is Henrik. Means “sovereign of the home”. Does it have any relevance to me? I don’t know. I’d like to think it has.

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my name means princess….. The only thing about me that is princess-esque is my hair! Haha long, “golden”, and very curly! Haha

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My name means Princess too!!

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Ezra means Help. I guess I’m helpful.

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Teutonic: Defender.
Latin: Industrious and Striving.
German: Labour
English: Industrious and Striving

I think that everyone of them describes me. Who can guess what my name is? I don’t think anyone could, but I’ll give you lurve for trying.

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@ readergirl – Amelia?

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It’s got to be Amelia.

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It is Amelia! Great job!

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