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Why Jellyfish?

Asked by AstroChuck (37543points) June 27th, 2008 from iPhone

This question should probably be focused at Ben and/or Andrew, but maybe some of you have insight into why this site is named for a group of jellyfish.

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WHAT???? You’re not all jellyfish. Ah crap, you could have told me about this sooner, I’ve been boasting at work that I can talk to animals and all. Thanks a lot, you fluther of deceitful jellys.

Crikey, I’m gonna be all embarrassed at work tomorrow now
Look mom, I used crikey in a sentence just then

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Why not jellyfish?

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To be or not to be jelly!

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ooh ooh. Maybe it’s because that individual jellyfish aren’t the most intelligent things in the world but collectively in large groups they develop a kind of swarm intelligence. I know I read that somewhere.

Only problem with that theory is we have to learn to accept that Ben and Andrew are kinda calling us twits. Hmmm.

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Fluther had a few working names before it was Fluther, “Panda” and “Quippo” amongst them.

Ben and Andrew liked the idea of the name being the collective noun for a group of animals, since it was all about bringing people together. After searching far and wide, they decided on Fluther.

@osullivanbr The idea isn’t that any of us are twits. Rather, the collective is always going to be wiser than any individual member. Even the smartest jellyfish doesn’t know everything about everything.

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@sferik Thanks for the link. I think I like fluther better than “bloom”, ha ha!!

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@sferik That is probably the best placed link I have ever seen. Impressive. I lurve it.

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@scamp bloom actually made it to the short list but unfortunately was taken (something to do with flowers), while was available.

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Because Jellyfish are awesome!!!!! :-P

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I see. BTW, I love irises! They are my favorite flower.

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So it was more of a utilitarian choice than anything. Enlightening, and satisfying.
I doubt I would have given it a second look were it named “Quippo.” Blech.

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I wouldn’t have minded basking in a bask, but I don’t like alligators.

If we had become a possi of beetles, I would have been a scarab.

I’m sure glad they didn’t settle on a smuck!

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BTW this question has already been asked by Poser. Sorry could not get it to bring up the link but if you search you will find Andrew has already explained it all.

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Quoted by Andrew himself;

“The significance is in the definition of Fluther… It’s a collective noun and Fluther is a collective of people, helping each other. Well, was an open domain, and nearly every other english word wasn’t. Just be happy we’re not”

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MUFFER.COM was available. We could’ve been Muffies. Damn.

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