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Is it possible to eat 2000 calories a day & lose 2000 calories a day?

Asked by SSS911 (115points) December 28th, 2013

I’m trying to lose weight. 25 lbs. to be exact. I walk 3 miles every day of the week. What foods are a must to eat daily while losing weight.

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We’d need to know your height, weight, age, and gender in order to answer this accurately. You may be burning 2000 calories per day just by going about your day as you normally do. Calculate your TDEE here, subtract 20–25% from that number, eat that many calories per day, and you’ll lose weight.

Psst, if you eat 2000 calories and burn 2000 calories per day, you’ll maintain your weight. You need a calorie deficit in order to lose weight.

If you’re asking if you can burn 2000 calories per day just during workouts, the answer is no. Burning 2000 calories would take 2–2.5 hours of high intensity cardio intervals, and that might not be enough. That’s what we call excessive, and it’s not a good idea. Do 30–60 minutes of cardio three to five days per week and preferably some weight training two to three days per week. That’s enough. Weight loss happens in the kitchen; fitness happens in the gym.

As for foods: drink plenty of water; eat fresh fruits and veggies daily; stick to whole grains; steer clear of fast food, soda, and pre-packaged meals.

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I normally eat and burn about 2200 calories per day. About 5–10 years ago I would occasionally work at a radio station and radio tower on top of a mountain in the dead of winter – deep snow, cold weather, lots of continuous physical exertion for hours at a time. My caloric intake had to increase to 4500 calories per day so I could function.
If I stayed at my usual 2200 calories per day I am confident I would have been burning at least a half pound per day.
Yes, you can do it but you will need to exercise a lot to burn that many calories per day.

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2000 calories a day will maintain about 200 lbs. if you exercise you can burn more but it’s really mostly diet.

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In theory, yes. By participating in a Tour de France type sports event, for example.

Losing weight and maintaining the lower weight only works when you lose small amounts of weight over a long period of time. Anything drastic will have no effect longterm. On the contrary, you might actually gain weight because you force your body to go into survival mode.

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Try cutting back just 500 calories a day. This should mean you lose roughly 1lb a week. That’s enough, otherwise your body will get stressed by the lack of food and start its ‘emergency’ procedures, which is what happens when you go on a crash diet. We all know what happens then – you lose weight then put it (and more…) back on again once you stop dieting. Making lifestyle changes is a better way to think about it. If you exercise you need to eat the calories that you burn off, if you have already calculated in a deficit. For example if you need 2000 to maintain your weight, you need to eat 1500 calories. If you then do 250 calories of exercise over your normal daily routine, you should eat 1750 calories in total, otherwise you will lose weight too quickly.

How do you know how much you need to eat to maintain your weight? Well there are many online calculators that take your height, weight, frame size, activity level etc and give you a number. These are good as a starting point. The only true way to know your level is to measure. You need to measure how much you take in and how much you lose. This is where calorie counting comes in. Weigh your food religiously, note down every mouthful, every chocolate, every grape. and do this for a few weeks. Weigh yourself regularly but you will need to do this over a few weeks as weight fluctuates over the course of the day, week and month (esp for women). Averages are needed! I have been away from here for a while as I have been using This kind of site is great because you can use their huge database of foods to track your calories, and they have apps for phones too, so you can do it on the move. I’ve lost nearly 60 lbs in about 16 months.

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