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Why is weed ilegal, but booze legal?

Asked by ceeriott177 (8points) December 29th, 2013

weed is peaceful & not disturbing at all & then theres booze that gets people killed

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Weed wasn’t that popular before the 60s, and was mostly used by non-whites and lower classes. So the power structure, that enjoyed their nightly cocktail, re-legalized liquor in 1933, but came down harder on marijuana.

Don’t forget, booze was illegal too for many years.

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I say this as a alcoholic. I should be able to buy weed at 7/11 and I should have to get booze behind that 7/11.

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Or I could get them both at 7/11. My point is that I don’t want to drive or fight when I am high. Video games and ice cream keep me happy. When I am drink I get fighty and I act stupid.

The Streets covers it:

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Because weed is harder to regulate as it’s easier to make than booze. If the government could figure out how to regulate and tax it, it would be legal.

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Sugar, corn and grain growers paid off more politicians than hemp farmers did.

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Drinking makes people rowdy. Weed makes people mellow.
When prohibition started, drinkers put up a HUGE fuss.
People into herb just kick back in a smoke cloud an figure it will all work out someday.
Since it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, booze got re legalized, weed gets to seek pharmacy support.

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Booze isn’t meaningfully more dangerous than weed, and the laws about consumption don’t consider safety anyway.

Booze was made legal because Americans from that time period became alarmed at the sheer brutality of the mafias that peddled illegal booze. They recognized prohibition to be a failed experiment. The war on drugs was a reaction to permissiveness that continues to this day, and unfortunately an entire professional class has emerged with a vested interest in keeping it going. Just think of all the police, parole officers, social workers, defense lawyers, prosecutors, and prison guards who would no longer be necessary if it stopped.

Or, look at it this way: ever notice how crime has been dropping for 20 years and the kneejerk demands of most politicians is still put cops on the street?

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