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Is it unhealthy to eat miracle fruit?

Asked by jdegrazia (274points) September 9th, 2008

When my uncle introduced it to me on his orchard in Australia, he asked if I wanted to “try a new drug.” And, no question about it, the berries do alter consciousness. Of tastebuds. I wonder if there are any lingering side effects.

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Temporarily alters tastebuds chemically… but not consciousness.

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Well it is unhealthy in that you will probably eat more, but it hasn’t proven to have any negative effects, lasting or not.

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I think it is probably too soon to know if there are serious long-term effects. They has not been widespread marketing of it or time for any scientific studies done by independent entities.

That said, so far, so good.

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Your uncle grows them?! Care to ship some my way?

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@scamp Not Crunch Berries. Though I bet Crunch Berries do have some pretty serious lingering side effects. Crunch Berries grow on trees? Bushes? Storks bring them?

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It seems they grow on trees!

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It’s not unhealthy.
Just be careful what you consume.
i.e. tastebuds can warn us against consuming too much acid, so don’t over-eat on lemons just because they taste sweet!

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I agree with @julia999. The fruit will make other things taste delicious that your taste buds would warn you against eating too much of, so watch the amounts of the other foods you ingest while “on the berry”.

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