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Did you know I had a little girl? Would you like to see some pictures?

Asked by bulbatron9 (3707points) June 27th, 2008

She was born on 6/24/08 @ 7:39pm! Avery Lynn weighed 7lbs 4oz, and was 20inches long!

I would like to thank everyone at fluther for the great advice! Especially Gailcalled, Scamp, sccrowell, sndfreq, Randy, hearkat, breedmitch, whatthefluther, and many more! I really want to share the joy I have experienced! Here are a couple of pictures!

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yes. No. I mean….

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Congratulations! (Try to) Enjoy every moment. As the father of a 2 year old, I can tell you that time flies. Even the 3 AM, tired as shit, I can’t believe I’m awake, cuddling baby moments, you will miss, eventually.

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congratulations. This is the best time right now. My daughter is 16 months and the joys are endless.

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She is stunning, gorgeous. She looks like a future Flutherer!

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She is adorable! Congratulations!

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I think I am in awe. I need to get to work.

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Avery is beautiful. What a wonderful family. My best to all of you.

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Video record her now! We wish we had with our kids.

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are you going to post a link to the birth video? I think we would all appreciate seeing it. Congratulations.

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Not really a Fluther quality question, but I’ll let it slip.

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Avery looks great in that “first kiss” picture. She’s gonna be part of the Fluteries children’s family. Congrats on a job well done spending all day at the hospital and fluthering while u had a lot of visitors…...hahahahahaha that tells us you are a good member of the collective

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I love that you’re wearing a Fluther t-shirt in the “first kiss” picture.

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OOhhhhhhh bul,
Avery is absolutey beautiful!!! How very blessed you and your wife and family are…
Seeing one as darling as Avery, kinda makes me want another… You see I said kinda! Hopefully, after July 2, will have come to my senses!

Congratulations to you, your wife and eldest daughter! If that is your daughter..

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Congratulations! Any baby questions/advice…ask away! I loved that you Fluthered while awaiting her birth (my hubby would be doing the same) :-) Savor every moment as they grow so quickly.

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That was to say, “if that’s your daughter”

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Congratulations bulbatron! Avery looks beautiful and healthy. Good luck with all the memories that are ahead. I am very excited for you and the new experiences you will be having :)

PS – i agree with Dog. Video record!!! We want to see as much of this Fluther baby as possible.

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Wow man! Congrats for real! That is absolutly awesome. Best wishes to you guys. Wow….!

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Congrats bulbatron! Enjoy every moment…and keep reminding yourself again to enjoy the moments that follow. Take tons of pictures, videos…and then do more than stuff them in a box. You’ll be glad you did. :) Best wishes!

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So nice, bulbadad. Good work everyone. What a nice baby girl she is,
nice mature head of hair, nice and pink, commanding a big group of
admirers. She has a happy and interesting future in the works. She’s a lucky
little person.

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shes a very beautiful baby!! congrats!! as she grows older, keep all of her “milestone moments” and put them in a fancy box to show her when shes older. im sure she’ll appreciate that. MAZEL TOV!!

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@sccrowell Reagan is my niece on my wife’s side! She is beautiful, too!

@Everyone Thank you for taking the time to see my little bundle of joy! Also, I have added a couple more pictures to the album!

@tali I had to represent! I made sure that I was wearing Dr. J when she was born! Everyone at the hospital love the Fluther T, and I told them what it was all about! Maybe we’ll end up with some more Doctors in the collective! Not that we need them, Shilolo is the best!

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Reagan is lovely and a good model for her little cousin. This is going to
be WAY fun for these two pretty girls.

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Congratulations! I love the name! It’s fitting for a beautiful family Wonderful photos too. Thanks for sharing.

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For those who don’t know; Toshea is my wife!

My name is Erich!

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i am not one for baby pics, but i must say your child looks beautiful


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Shes Beautiful, congrats

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congrats, my cousin and his wife had a baby girl at 2am 06/27/08

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Bulbro! Congratulations. She is a beautiful baby. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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Thanks, Uncle Kevbro!

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Ahh, how cute. Congratulations to the whole family and the shred shed.

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She is adorable! Congratulations!!!

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Congrats! Enjoy every moment with your little one.

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What a lovely family you have!! Your wife and baby both look beautiful. I must say, those are good pics for having been taken with the iPhone!

You know we’re here for you for any more advice… If your wife plans to breastfeed I highly recommend La Leche League for meetings, publications and as a general parenting resource.

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How totally sweet. And what a beautiful baby and family. Thanks for sending the pictures and the information about the birth,

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Oh, congratulations to you and your family! How amazing to have a warm, glowy feeling looking at these photos and reading all the congratulatory posts from this company of mostly strangers. This is a special community. Thanks for sharing with us your best moments, b.

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I just wanted to tell >>> you <<< that you have a very beautiful daughter, and as I have told Erich, enjoy every moment with this little beauty and get as much rest as you can… Oh! It was nice meeting you finally!!

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She is beautiful bulbatron, I wish you all the best :)

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Congratulations on the new arrival!! She’s absolutely precious :)

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You have just made Auntie Scamp a very happy woman!! Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your gorgeous family with us. I am so happy for all of you. Avery looks like a little china doll. She is so cute!! Congrats to you both!!

@beast your comment was very rude. I guess I will just have to let that slip, huh?

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He didn’t really ask a question. He wanted to provide a way for us to view his baby’s pictures.

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@beast Go back in your lair. I, for one, had asked him to provide some pictures. He used a very clever method within the confines of the site’s structure to do so. Remember, you don’t have to respond to any question you are not interested in. That way you can do the rest of us a favor.

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Congratulations Erich. She’s lovely. You have much to be proud of.

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Way to go, @bulba! Nice to see you’re not shootin’ blanks, me bucko! ;-)

And I’ll pile on with everyone else… Avery is indeed something special to behold. Keep up the good work. You’re already an awesome dad!

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@beast , bulbatron9 is a respected and well loved member here, and we all wanted to see pictures. Don’t ruin a beautiful thing with bullshit. Marina said this is a much more ladylike way, but you pissed me off with your petty remarks.

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omg i’m so late >.<

congrats bulb!!

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Those are beautiful pictures.

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Congrats! She is lovely.

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A public re-congratulations on your beautiful bulblet. I firmly believe that babies born with hair have superior intelligence, sensitivity, artistic skills and kindness (of course, both of mine were mop tops.) However, I am also extremely taken with bald babies.

Did Avery tie the bow in her hair by herself?

I do envy you having this world-shaking experience for the first time. If I ever could go back and do something again, it would be to raise my babies. And that smell of freshly washed and shampooed little sweet thing!

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She is adorable!

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Erich and Toshea-congratulations on this wonderful gift of love and happiness, and thank you for sharing with us-we all love and support you guys and hope you make it home just fine…

Not to be a little biased, but Bulba, I think Avery looks just like you bro! You should be a proud papa! Remember to be in the moment every moment-you and your wife are enjoying the time of your lives I’m sure! Isn’t it wonderful how a new life brings the family together-it’s beautiful to see that little bundle of joy bring out the best in you and your loved ones. Awesome!

Jon aka sndfreQ

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Congratulations! She’s beautiful.

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Congrats, she’s adorable!

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Aww beautiful! :D How many weeks now before she joins Fluther?

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@RH: 51+(52×12), unless you are starting Fluther, jr….which might be fun.

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@or do the Brits call it Fluther Minor?

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According by corporate marketing advice, it would probably be “Fluther, Kids!”

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Fluther Kids huh!! sounds like a great idea. I’ll be the first one to sign up my kids

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@RH: Bag the comma. Fluther, Kids! sounds like an order (as does Fluther,Jr.)
Corporate marketing advice? People make money giving this kind of tip? I was in the wrong profession.

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congratulations Bulb….she is absolutely prescious.

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This is an amazing question and answer has to be yes. I have not commented on fluther for long but looking the pictures I could not resist myself. She looks so cute…just give her all the love.

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congratualtions she’s beautiful ten fingers and toes

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how beautifullll! and the fluther tshirt just adds to the picture haha, so classic.

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What a beautiful little awesome Buddha.

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