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Is social shopping changing the traditional of shooping ?

Asked by Etoot (3points) January 9th, 2014

Now a days I heard the word social shopping quite often from different people. Is this the new trend of shopping ?

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I admire your optimism for trying my friend. I would suppose you have the answer on your website. You’re going about this wrong. See, the best way to advertise your site is by word of mouth and sharing links with other webmasters. That builds your “web” up a little. Than you need a blog and a few sites like facebook and pinterest to divert traffic. Generally speaking, Q&A sites don’t provide this for you as they resent the “SPAM”. Instead of getting traffic you’ll get bad press and folks will tell others about their bad experiences.

Take down your question and start a blog. If Fluther decided to get vindictive they could report you to the Better Business Bureau and you don’t want that.

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I am sure you or one of your cohorts will tell us shortly, Mr. Spammer.

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Your avatar gave you away you scum.

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You shouldn’t respond. Stop now

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I am new to using Q&A site, that’s why a made a mistake at the very start. I apologize for that!

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This will all be deleted shortly. I understand that you are probably getting paid to do this to feed your family. The moderation is super active on here so spamming this site is pretty much worthless.

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Mmmm now let’s see…......

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Social shopping is like having venereal disease. Just like syphilis, you catch it from visiting an infected web site and you transmit it to any other websites you may visit.

It’s deadly, in some cases, and just painful and gross in other cases.

You don’t want to engage in social shopping, just like you don’t want to get a social disease.

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