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How to do a good purchase online?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6637points) September 27th, 2010

I have a mastercard card and I want to start purchasing clothes and stuff online from stores that we don’t have in Iceland or Denmark or something like that. I was checking on ASOS and saw there was a disscount going on so I checked out the clothes and I really liked them. I have never done it before, my parents say I can be hacked and stuff like that, I was also looking for an iphone or side-kick from ebay, but am scared of being hacked.
What do you suggest?
I want it to be perfect, is the shipping expensive?
Basically you could just give me some advice and what to look out for and stuff like that.

All your help is much appreciated!

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robmandu's avatar is safe. Start there.

Here are some instructions for first-time users.

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I think the fear of being hacked is overstated. But if you go to the most reputable vendors, like Amazon, or Lands End, or whatever major stores that carry the merchandise you are interested in, you should be ok. I’ve used a lot of lesser known vendors and never had a problem. I once ordered a buffalo horn shoehorn from someone in Vietnam, and had no trouble.

When you buy, always enter the product into google to see who has the best price. Usually several sites that compare prices will pop up. They usually provide reviews that show other people’s experiences with the reliability of the site.

When you compare prices, compare shipping prices, too. I recently saw some parts advertised for 1 cent. But the shipping costs were $5. The competing vendors offered the same product for $2.50. Their shipping costs were only $2.50. Whoa! Weird! It’s the same price overall for either vendor. My head is spinning!

Anyway, always do your research. Look for the product through Google to see all the prices. Vet your vendors. Enjoy your clothes when they arrive!

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@robmandu , Thank you, I am gonna take a look at the intruction link .
@wundayatta , Yeah I think the hacking is also overstated!
But I will google around before buying…But I don’t know what sizes I am :/

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I have a seperate prepaid card that I use for most of my online purchases. I load it with just enough to cover my expected purchases. That way, even if I get hacked, I am only out what is on the card and my main accounts are still protected.

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@WestRiverrat , oh that’s a great idea. But this mastercard of mine, to use it I have to transfer money from my homebank to it and am going to do as you. Transfer just the ammount for the things am buying.

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When you are in their online store, make sure the site is secured. Different browsers show it a little differently, but a common way to tell is a little “lock” icon on the screen (my browser has it in the lower right-hand corner), and “https:” in the address bar in place of “http:”.

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You should always compare prices before purchasing. Expensive doesn’t always mean better. Amazon and Ebay are two trusted sites I always shop at and have not had any problems. Always shop online with a credit card, not an Atm or debit card.

Usually, any major name brand store such as Walmart, Eddie Bauer, Abercrombie and Target are usually safe. Some sites even will have the option to pay via Paypal or Google Checkout, which is even more secure.

As someone has stated, check the right hand side of the search bar for a closed lock when checking out. This will indicate a secure server. However…it could depend on what type of browser you’re using on whether this lock icon will appear.

After making a purchase online, always check your bank statements to make sure the charges were correct and no extra money was taken out.

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To do the good purchase online first find out the best online store that provide you best offers and facility. After the site selection take care of some security steps through which you are alert while purchasing clothes or any other thing from online store. Pay the price after you get your thing in your hand. Shipping is not very expensive if your purchasing things online.

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