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What type of podcast would you LOVE that just doesn't exist yet?

Asked by JSpeer (362points) January 12th, 2014

Just wondering what your thoughts are! Is there an idea, concept, or format for a podcast you’ve been waiting for somebody to make because you’d love to listen to it?

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A fly on the oval office wall, and the situation room, both of them, the real one and the one on CNN. Also I would like to have different stations from K-grade12— Ph.D. in every field on different radio stations.

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Content-wise, I’m pretty content. Many of them could greatly improve their production value though.

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Tentacle Rape Hentai reviews.

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I’m sure there probably is one, but I just haven’t done enough research on, but maybe high school sports (specifically volleyball) that even talks about club.

A baking and Irish fiddle music podcast would be beautiful too

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Really decent guided meditations

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Nova science now.

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