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Should I upgrade to the new iPhone? Are you going to?

Asked by stevenb (3831points) June 28th, 2008 from iPhone

I just don’t know if the extra $10 a month is worth it. I also would like a 16 or 32mb one, and I like that they are so much cheaper to start with. Do you think they will ever have a 32mb? Should I wait or just get the new 16 or just keep my original? I think the 3g would be nice and the gps would be good for my work to find job sites and new customers homes, but I just don’t know. What do you think?

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also see this question for more answers.

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Honestly, no. I don’t want to spend 10$ more, and the internet is fast enough for me. I’m happy with what I’ve got!

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I am getting the new one, and I am sure that they will come out with 32GB model sooner or later. If you unlock, not jailbreak(but it might require jailbreaking), you can sell your first generation iPhone on ebay for either the same amount or even more than what you bought it for. The reason is because people who want the iPhone the most are people who can’t buy one because they live in a country that Apple doesn’t support, but they have cell phone carriers with SIM cards. People in South Africa or Rwanda would be willing to pay a pretty penny for an iPhone they can use in Africa. If you decide to sell it on ebay, remember to put the keywords ‘unlocked’, ‘No Reserve’, ‘Any Carrier’, and ‘World Wide Shipping’. Also setting the price low will attract more bidders as well as having no reserve. You should keep the bidding period low, like one day, it puts more pressure on the buyer, but you are also taking a risk because with no reserve you might sell it for less than what you had planned.

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I think I’ll wait for the next generation. I’m satisfied with it. I’d rather they open up the phone to other providers.

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The 32gb one’s going to come out soon, for sure. With a 32gb ipod touch available, they’ve already done it really. But if they make a 32gb iphone and start selling ipod touches for more than it’s equivalent iphone model (like they will be as of 11th july), what’s the point in the ipod touch? They need to split the two apart a bit more before they can release the 32gb iphone.

I’m waiting for that. :)

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If a customer asks why they should buy an iPod touch if they can get more bang for their buck by buying an iPhone 3G (which includes all the functionality of an iPod touch), employees are instructed to respond by saying the “iPhone 3G is offered at such a terrific price because, like most cell phones, it requires a 2-year carrier contract.”

Customers may then ask, “Are you going to change the iPod touch pricing now that you lowered the cost of iPhone?” To this, employees should respond by saying, “Not that I am aware of.”

This is the actual text from a document given to all Apple employees, all it implies is a new iPod Touch, but nothing of a new iPhone.

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I just looked at their 3G coverage map, and it isn’t all that great up here in the northwest. Maybe I will wait till its a bit better in my area. Dammit I still want it though LOL.

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I am getting the new Samsung Instinct from Sprint. There data network is superior to that of AT&T. Plus they have the all you can eat plans for a flat $99. Unlimited voice, text, and internet in one package. Plus I think it is less expensive than the I phone.

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The two reasons I am leaning towards not getting the new iPhone: 1) I think the one I already have does a decent enough job and 2) Even though I am a mac addict, am kind of getting annoyed by the over-hype that Apple does for it.

I know that #2 has nothing to do with the phone but lately I have been getting irritated by the Apple smugness (those Mac vs. PC ads are getting stale).

Sometimes, even when they fix a mistake (e.g. recessed jack in the phone) they try sell it as a feature (does anyone remember how it was so “awesome” that the shuffle didn’t have a screen?). And now this whole MobileMe thing. Yes, it’s a great idea and its very nice and simple… but really, it’s been around for a while and is available for free (using Gmail IMAP and Plaxo).

Everyone knows that Apple’s implementation is fantastic in its simplicity and elegance. But the whole over-coolness is beginning to get to me. Every single presentation is conducted in a black untucked shirt or a black turtleneck. The whole thing is beginning to seem too engineered (like product placement in movies or shelf organization in grocery stores) to have a psychologically manipulative effect.

I love the company and the products are great but lately the whole Apple-fever is getting annoying. So, yeah… even though #2 turned into a bit of a venting monologue, that’s kind of why I am not going to get the new iPhone anytime soon. Just like Vista, I am going to skip this generation of the iPhone.

The funny thing is that a bunch of my friends (who know of my Apple obsession) asked if I would get it and I had to just say ‘no’

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By the way, as far as I know, only new buyers will have to pay $10 extra and will get no text messaging in that cost—i.e. they will have to pay extra.

Existing users on the other hand, can upgrade the phone at their existing plan/rate—i.e. existing users will get 3G service and text messaging at the same rate.

I think the move is aimed at smoothing things over with the early adopters and it does seem fair to me.

Perhaps someone else can confirm this.

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my friend sold his old one for 200 dollars and is getting the new one when it comes out… smart move?

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@jamzzy, I would say not, I don’t know who he sold it to, or how, but as I posted before, on ebay you can easily get $300+ for one. My buddy sold his to a guy in Dubai for about 650 USD, even though that was an extremely rare case of a person wanting it real badly, I still see 8GBs going for around $400. If you have one and want to sell it, then sell it on ebay with those tips I posted above and you should get some of the best results possible(Don’t blame me if something goes wrong though, you decided to do it).

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@xxporkxsodaxx your right hes just impatient. haha

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i m looking iphone 16gb 3g so anyone like to sell plz contect me in m in Dubai,

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