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Since we revisited the favorite cover song question, can we also revisit the "looking for new music" query?

Asked by syz (35552points) January 18th, 2014

(And thanks for the new finds in the cover question!)

My current listening is mostly Black Keys, Imagine Dragons, White Dragons, Cage the Elephant…no new discoveries for while now.

Any suggestions?

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Saw these guys opening for Danzig a few months ago.

I was all, “Holycrap, I wasn’t expecting the opening band to be good!”

Texas Hippie Coalition

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I’ve been listening to alot of Janelle Monae:

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You have probably seen the movie “Searching for Sugar Man” but if not you might enjoy the artist Rodriguez.

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I’ve also become a massive fan of Kate Bush over the past few months:

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Lately on my playlist, A Tribe Called Red and the latest Aoife O’Donovan.

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An incredibly random collection of NZ music, some old, some recent.

Wandering Eye by Fat Freddy’s Drop
Anchor Me & Dominion Road by The Mutton Birds
Buffalo & 40 years by The Phoenix Foundation

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New (to me) this past year are:

• Alabama Shakes
• The Black Keyes
• The Civil Wars
• Ed Sheeran
• The Lumineers
• Mumford and Sons

I know that somewhere a hipster is cursing me for considering them “new”, but there ya have it — I’m digging them all.

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