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Where can I find a needle for a turntable?

Asked by Raggedy_Ann (455points) January 21st, 2009

Husband owns a Technics turntable that he bought over 25 years ago. The original needle just broke so now we are in need of a new one. Does anyone know of a website where we could possibly order one?

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I’m in the UK but assuming you are in the US try here

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What kind of turntable are we talking about?

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The brand name looks to be Technics. He purchased this along with a receiver, tape deck and speakers while stationed in Germany in the mid 1980’s. So for the needle to last this long is remarkable…at least to me. That’s the only info I know off the top of my head. I’m not near the turntable at this time.

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@Raggedy_Ann, try @c_gunningham‘s site. It offers the ability to identify what you need by cartridge number, needle number, set maker’s model number, or even just by looking at pictures for a visual match.

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I glanced at it, the website, earlier and I agree it looks like it may hold the answer. Thanks to every one for the assistance.

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