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Why doesn't the sound on my MacBook work?

Asked by monsoon (2528points) June 28th, 2008

When I try to change the sound, it shows the sound bar full and white, but the big icon above it shadowed out, and there’s a circle with a line through it below all this. The sound level bar won’t change, and no sound will come from the speakers. However when I plug headphones in, the sound works fine.

I’ve checked system settings, and I believe that the internal speakers are selected for output. idk.


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Could you post a screenshot of your sound settings in System Preferences?

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I can’t, I’m lame. When I capture it saves it as .tiff and photobucket won’t upload that. It just says under name “Digital out”, and under type, “built-in output”, and under setting for this device, “the selected device has no output controls.” Also it won’t let me change the volume there either, it’s greyed out.

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okay, first of all, you can open the tiff and resave it as a jpeg, yes, if you really want help, you’ll have to work for it

second, did you try a P-RAM Reset? turn it on, then press and hold  + Alt + P + R at the same time, it should turn on again, see i that does anything

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and did the reset work ? it seems like the mac doesn’t recognize your speakers anymore

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Go to Apple Menu -> About This Mac, click on More Info…, click Audio (built-in), and post what it says there.

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I did the reset, no change.

Here’s the audio settings.

Thanks for your help guys. :)

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look in your headphone port. if you see a red light on it means it is in digital mode. there is a little switch in it that is supposed to only be enabled when a digital device is plugged in. it can be tripped when plugging in some headphones but its not supposed to happen. the way to fix it? plug in and take out a headphone jack a few times. after each time check for the light in the port. if it goes off your good. it will work you just have to keep trying. i had it happen

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Nope, I saw that light for a second when I unplugged my headphones, but then it went off and still no sound.

Thanks though.

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I think this is one of those quirks of the computer that there is no simple, standard fix to.
However, I did some Googling, and came across this thread at Apple’s forum. If you scroll down a few posts, there’s somebody who is having the exact same problem with their laptop, and they described how they fixed it. You might give that a try, and browse that thread a bit. Good luck.

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i have had the same problem too!
it has happened to me quite a few times now. I used to go to disk utility, and repair permission, it worked but it takes a long long time, sometimes i even had to run the procedure more than once.

Above the discussion forum provided by monsoon has a post, he or she put the computer to sleep while headphone set plugged in, while it’s asleep unplug the headphones, strangely this worked. Effortlessly.
good luck

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Great answer. I was having the exact same problem – found the red light in the port and just plugged in my headphones in and out a few times – problem solved. Thanks!

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same here! it works perfect….

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Hi, this happened to me now its awful, i put the computer to sleep for the night and i woke up perfectly with music from my alarm clock and you could hear the song for like 2 minutes and then something happened and the song stopted playing, i thought the alarm went off but then my itunes songs didn’t sound either.

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wow thanks… I was worried At first I saw the red light and thought it was that something was really wrong then I tried to volume up and saw the problem. Found great stuff while trying to fix it. came to this and wow that headphone stuff really worked. Thank you again.

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For some reason, I didn’t touch the sound settings for about 3 days and it just changed by itself. I also tried the reseting with the command alt p and r but it doesn’t work. I had this problem before. I pressed this button this time and then it wouldn’t work…. I’m so sad!!!!!! Thx for all your suggestions though

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None of these fixes worked for me. The headphones work, but no sound when they are out. Please help!

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