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Why do people always ask me if I am Russian?

Asked by trinitymat (94points) January 22nd, 2014

I heard that Russian women are slutty. I googled the pictures to see what they look like, and I still can’t understand why they say I look like them. Ever guess of where I am from is Russia, every! I am middle eastern…

Should I be offended because Russian women have the reputation of being promiscuous? Do they mean I look slutty?


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I have no idea, but I really don’t think the majority of people believe Russian girls to be ’‘slutty’’. That claim probably comes from people who have never been to Russia, too. Probably some are, probably some are not.
Do you have an accent that people can’t pinpoint? When I first learned to speak English, everyone thought I was Italian for some reason, although that was based on the accent alone, least so far as I know. (French as a first language) The best way to know is to ask those who ask you if you are Russian why they think that. That’s what I would do, anyway.

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I always thought they were mysterious and cunning. Plus the accent is kind of hot.

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You have used a very offensive stereotype. I live in a heavily Russian emigrant neighborhood, and they mostly wear their hair up in buns, a scarf, high neck blouse and long skirt, with clunky shoes.

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@YARNLADY I want clunky shoes.

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@YARNLADY It is probably because I live in a city where most of the prostitutes are Russian even though I don’t live in Russia. So growing up all men/women describe Russians as promiscuous and well… All the rest.

So when they say are you russian, I automatically think that way. Because I assume they also think of it that way, see?

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@Symbeline Yes I have the strangest accent! Maybe that’s why…

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You do look like you could pass for Russian to me.

If I had to guess without knowing, I would have a hard time guessing your nationality, or national background of your family. Russians do tend to wear a lot of make-up. I don’t think people instantly think slutty when they think Russian. If you have on a tight short dress, cleavage showing, and are with an older American man (which the man your are with does not fit the bill) and came to America as an adult, some people might wonder if that type of girl is a “Russian bride.” But, you don’t fit all those parameters, and even if you did, it would not mean anything necessarily. And, lots of different ethnicities glam up the make-up.

I know a lot of Russians, and I don’t think of them as slutty at all. I do have one friend who fits exactly what I described, and I do wonder if she first came to America to marry an American. She came in her late 20’s. Not that it matters. When she started dating a friend of ours in my circle of friends she tones down her look a little. She never was big with the make-up, but her boobs are large and she showed off her extreme figure, often wore high heels, and was in a dress when everyone else was in jeans and sweats.

I’m part Russian, my grandparents and great grandparents came to America. Mostly I am Latvian. People guess I am Latvian, some guess Polish. Every so often Italian. Often Jewish. I am Jewish. So what? People in American like to know and guess where people are from. It does not mean they have any stereotype in their head. Maybe you live in a place with a lot of Russian immigrants, so that is what people think of? I have several friends who are Middle Eastern and people often think they are Hispanic.

I’m thinking your stereotype of Russians is slutty, and that’s why you ask the question, or maybe your family says that about Russians? I ciuld obviously be wrong with that assumption,

Are you American? Live in America?

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Oh, I just saw your answer about accent. If you sound like you have a Russian accent and many people around the area are Russian, it seems like a logical assumption. My husband has curly black hair, he looks very mich like he was from the mediterranian part of the world. He has an accent. People almost never guess correctly what he is, they have no idea. Except other Latin Americans, they clue in that he is likely Latin American.

Everyone doesn’t assume you are slut, because they think you might be Russian, don’t think twice about that. It’s like my SIL worrying people assume Italians are all mafia. No one thinks that. They have to have other characteristics and talk about the garbage removal business or laundering money for people to think mafia. LOL.

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It’s people who have the generalized idea that Russian women are “slutty” who have the wrong idea. (If you share that idea / opinion, then that’s something for you to work on.)

I’m with @YARNLADY on this: It’s an offensive stereotype, and I’m not at all Russian.

My own reading about people from the Russian countryside is that they are (in general) very traditional and conservative, like country folk from all around the world, in other words. People from the cities develop different mores, and even “fairly conservative” people living in cities may be viewed by very traditional people as “loose” and “corrupt”.

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Maybe the just mean you’re in a hurry all the time.

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Could it be the accent, and the photo in your bathroom of Putin riding a horse with his shirt off, or the AK in the broom closet?

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HA! You look like my nephews Russian girlfriend! She’s beautiful by the way and has a metabolism I would die for.

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Your outfit in the photo doesn’t exactly promote an idea of chaste and conservative, just sayin’. No judgment from me, but if you are going to be overly worried about what people think (I don’t think you should worry about it) and you want them to think you are a “good” girl, cover up a little and don’t wear a choker, and don’t wear bright opaque lipstick,

I think you are gorgeous, and I would not assume you were a slut, but I tend to not think like that. I can’t imagine most middle eastern countries not having some judgement though from a significant portion of their citizenry, except maybe Israel, so I find it kind of ironic. Maybe your culture is quick to assume those things about other girls, and that has been engrained in you?

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It probably has more to do with your looks, coloring and as you say, accent. Your skin looks fair and your looks are exotic. Don’t overthink it.

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You are very pretty .in my opinion you look more like a Persian woman than a Russian woman.

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Fancy that, here’s me thinking that Russian women have a shot putt constantly welded to their necks as well as a Burt Reynolds (eighties) moustache…just a little jokeski comrades.

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I always thought of Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle when I thought of Russian women, and they scared me. Who knew they were sluttly? Where can I find some? Seriously, stereotypes are hardly ever correct. Don’t let anyone judge you before they know you.

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dont look russian to me

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