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When is self-discipline easily achievable for you, and where do you struggle?

Asked by longgone (19508points) May 28th, 2020

Some context: A family member prides herself on her outstanding self-discipline when it comes to resisting food temptations. She is healing from an injury right now though, and struggling to follow the doctors’ advice to take it easy.

Personally, I have a hard time resisting screens. This is a problem at night, especially. But I’m good at honouring privacy and so would not read anyone’s diary or spill secrets.

I think it’s interesting how the same person can have a lot of willpower, or barely any – depending on the situation.

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I am very good a keeping to a schedule, getting work done, staying organized, and doing housework.

I am mediocre at resisting food temptation, taking time for myself (self care), and handling stress.

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I respond to present needs. Not well to things I don’t really want to do or really dislike doing, combined with a choice to not do such things immediately.

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I’m good with the things that are “important” to me & terrible with the things that aren’t all that important. Looking at my fat butt in the mirror every day makes resisting food important. Taking it easy when my get up & go won’t go slow, is a LOT more difficult for some than for others. She’s feeling better than she probably should for her condition so she feels taking it easy isn’t necessary where the doctor is telling her what she should be doing for the worse case scenario. The doctor is erring on the side of caution while she’s not feeling cautious.

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I actually think of myself as being fairly self disciplined. I’m organized, tidy, consistent when it comes to self improvement, therapy, self care, not indulging much in alcohol or shopping.I don’t really watch TV, I don’t like going out to eat or to fast food places. I’m good about noticing when work needs done and doing it. I’m self motivated. I’m dedicated to my values even when literally no one I know agrees with me or understands my perspective. I’m not impulsive and I always think decisions through carefully. If anything I think it’s a bad trait sometimes because I can be very rigid and I don’t like my routines messed with. I’m good at resting when my body asks for it (though that one was hard won, took a nervous breakdown or two to accept that I gotta stop when my body says stop.)

On the other hand, I eat too much. I don’t really care about that one, though, because years of attempting to “discipline” my eating just lead to decades of disordered behavior and a crippling battle with body image. I have come to a point in my life where if I am fat because I eat too much ice cream – fuck it. I’m active, I eat tons of vegetables, lean protein and whole grains, I don’t have the energy to waste on worrying about much more than that.

I can’t hold a full time job. I have a really hard time even holding a part time job. That’s a big one. I’m not sure I’d say it’s a discipline issue specifically, but it still fits here.

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I used to be the same as your family member. When my mobility got steadily worse, it took years of fidgety angst before I could accept sitting would have to be the majority of my time. Now I am much better with slow, tedious existence, but I traded eating all manner of naughty foods.

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I am not disciplined with food and I’m not disciplined with doing things that I don’t want to do.

I am disciplined with alcohol as I hardly drink at all throughout the year.

I am disciplined, thorough and organized when I am pursuing something, like a health care issue or something that requires administrative tasks or planning (party planning, etc.).

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Disciplined at work, struggle to be motivated to do work around the house on a weekend.

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When I set my mind to it I can do nearly anything. I noticed the food thing mentioned here a lot and I can say I can stop eating for four or five days if I want to. No one will believe this but I stopped eating for two straight months only drank coffee, tea, water and V8 juice. Don’t drink alcohol don’t smoke or do illegal drugs.
If I want to do something like clean out the garage, I“ll work on that all freaking day and into the night if needed. Like I’m possessed. lol

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