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Do you think time travel will be possible in the future?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14563points) January 22nd, 2014

There are mixed opinions about this matter. Some say it is possible, other say it isn’t.

The argument in favor for it suggests that with the advance of technology, people can do incredible things. Beside, scientists seem to have discovered that all periods of time are connected by some kind of very small “tunnels”, we only need to widen the tunnels to the size of human.
The argument against it states that time travel is next to impossible since it will be against the Quantum mechanics (I don’t know what Quantum mechanics is, but an easier explanation for it is that if a man travels to the past and kill his father, then he will not be born, and there will be no time travel thing. But the time travel does happen, so he cannot kill his father, meaning all the above-mentioned process is impossible to happen).

So what is your opinion?

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If it’s possible in the future… then it should have been possible in the past, no?

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No. It could never happen, as in not even possible. And if it was, there would be those dreaded paradoxes.

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Purely sci-fi and wishful thinking.

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I don’t think time travel in that sense will happen, but I was reading A Brief History of Time and it talked something about finding a wormhole which allows you to get to a place faster than you could have gotten there normally. So that is technically “time travel”. But I don’t know what properties make up a wormhole and if they can exist. I’m no expert; I was just curiously reading Hawking at the library since The God Delusion was misplaced. It was pretty interesting, though.

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Edit: I forgot to add in my question that if you agree/don’t agree then why/why not? It’s more interesting to know the reason.

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Some have hypothesised that if one can time-travel, then they can only travel to the point at which the wormhole was originally opened. That would explain why we haven’t seen anyone from the future back here. We simply haven’t invented time travel yet.

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I am hoping although to be honest I do not know why; other than I would like to know why certain thing happened in the past.

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Consider planetary movement. We aren’t just orbiting the Sun, we are also orbiting the center of the Galaxy. You would need to travel backwards, yet stay locked onto your location. The only safe place to do that would be in space, which would require the ability to travel great distances to make up for the distance traveled.
Ain’t gonna happen.

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No, if it was, where are they?

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I invented a time machine, and it worked. Unfortunately, it could only function by remote control, and could not transport any passengers. It is stuck in the sixth century, I guess.

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It does not violate the laws of physics, so yes, it is possible that it will be possible engineering wise.

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@Mimishu1995 , There is a way around the father killing paradox that you mention. See here The article is kind of long, so here is the condensed version. One interpretation of quantum mechanics is that instead of interpreting it probabilistically, assume that each possibility results in an entirely different universe. In that way, killing your father spins off into a totally different universe from the one in which you did not travel back in time.

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then there is the possibility that any attempt at killing your grandfather will invariably fail.

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@ragingloli , By your interpretation, time travel would be impossible, because even the slightest molecular level change to the past will eventually cause noticeable change by the butterfly effect. In other words, by merely going back to the past and breathing, the future will be modified.

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No, my version is that any time travel to the past, and any actions you might do once you arrive, are already part of history before you start your travel.
To stay with the grandfather example, when you travel to the past, your presence in that past already was part of the past of the timeline that you left, and you will fail to kill your grandfather, because your failure to kill your grandfather is already part of your timeline’s history.

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@ragingloli , That makes things very tricky. We have the future determined by the past and the past also determined by a future travel back to the past. Reminds me of this

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We can not mess with time. Both unfortunately and fortunately.

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Greetings, primitive humans. I am an anthropologist from the 29th century. I come from the future to observe your hapless and culturally immature ways.

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29th century? HA! bone drummer primitive.

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Hello, I am a present-day Vulcan. While our evolutionary history is similar to you Terrans, we learned from our first major war that murder and racism are not positive attributes, and discovered spaceflight while you were nailing illiterate Jewish men to crosses.

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It would be cool, but impossible. To believe that, you would have to believe that a zillion of you exist, all hooked together in a row, like a slinky, stretching from birth to death. Besides, if it were possible, someone from the past or future would have come to visit by now.

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Time travel exists right now. Here’s the machine.

It only works one way, to the future.

Step into the chamber, and wake up on whatever day you set with the facility admin.

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If it is only travel to the future will be possible. The past has, well, passed. It no longer exists.

and fuck tachyons. that is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.

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@Skaggfacemutt @Seek_Kolinahr Yeah, I once had a theory that all those UFOs may not be aliens, but actually people from the future. Think about the Great Pyramid of Giza (which has some mysterious writing describing events of the future that surprisingly coincided to what had happened throughout the history), the seemingly-once-existing Atlantis, Wilshire’s crop circles, and this mysterious astronaut carving in Ieronimus cathedral. Are those really proofs of the existence of people from the future?

@Kropotkin If you are really from the future, why don’t you just help us instead of standing there laughing? We’re your ancestors you know.

@Blondesjon If the future exists, why not the past? Imagine the people in the future have the same thought as you and when you travel to the future, they say: “You belong to the past, which isn’t exist anymore. That means you aren’t exist, so why are you here?” What will your reaction be?

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies If that time machine can only travel to the future, how are its users supposed to travel back to their starting time period after traveling to the future. Will they be stuck in the future forever?

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@Mimishu1995 . . . You still exist it’s just the past that doesn’t exist anymore. My parents created me and I didn’t cease to exist when they no longer did.

It’s like what @RealEyesRealizeRealLies said. Once you’ve gone forward you can’t go back. You are not ‘stuck in the future’. You simply have a new ‘present’.

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