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Do you believe all people will lost their faith if someday our knowledge and technology are advance enough to cross breed human and ape?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8215points) April 19th, 2010

Let us just make a little bit of futuristic prediction. If one day in the future(don’t say it’s impossible) we’re able to cross breed human and ape,and 100%ly prove the correlation between human and ape or in other word ape is the right ancestor of human,do you believe that all people(including religionists) will give up their faith? What would happen to their/our life? Will it becomes a better world if whether we like it or not reality is unfold?

(I’m not an atheist. And I’m not trying to offend people or their religion. I’m just curious here).

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I don’t think people’s relationship to god (s) or religions are about whether or not apes and humans are genetically linked, whatsoever. And humans and apes can’t interbreed not because our technology isn’t advanced enough but because we are genetically different – it’s not like this is what science is interested about and not accomplishing it because we’re not ‘futuristic’ enough and are ‘too religious’. Also, this ‘debate’ isn’t about whether apes are human ancestors – they are NOT…human and apes share a common ancestor which is not the same thing.

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Why would we cross breed humans and apes? I cannot see an advantage to doing so.

Also, religious belief is about faith not fact. So, no.

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The concept of Crossbreeding humans with apes alone, probably goes against the very fiber of most religious tenents. Anyone pursuing such endeavor has probably lost it already.

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There is absolutely nothing to be gained by TRYING to interbreed apes and humans. It would be a total waste of time.

I would be far more worried about attempts to interbreed computers and humans. Or, to infuse machines with self awareness. A far more likely scenario.

Then we’d really have something to fear from “The Governator” :)

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There are several flaws in your premise. One, it is not necessary to crossbreed human and ape to prove a shared ancestry. Two, there is no reason to crossbreed a human and ape. And three, that experiment would be the ultimate in the criminal misuse of technology.

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Nah. Faith and Logic have never been BFF’s anyway.

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Dubya is a result of such a union and this society still continues to have faith.

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Good one !

On second thought, I probably shouldn’t be encouraging you :)

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What? Have you been watching Planet of the Apes? Why would anybody bother? We already know about the common ancestor, and it hasn’t changed the mind of any person of faith.
What makes you think that forcing someone to abandon their faith by brute force would be a good idea anyway?

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@kevbo I think Alien is far too Science Fiction. And it has no contradiction with the faith in human beings. Like this quote:

“As there is a multiplicity of creatures on earth, so there may be other beings, intelligent, created by God. This does not conflict with our faith, because we cannot put limits on the creative freedom of God.”

What I asked here is contradict with the faith itself in some religion(especially Christian) About the ancestor of human being.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir I understand your opinion. But as we know,no one can precisely know about the future of our technology and knowledge. I’ll take Biotechnology as an example. We can even cross breed creatures(plants for now) from different ancestor,like what we’ve done with the ‘Topato’ or a plant where tomato plant as its top body and potato plant as its bottom body,all in one single plant. So there’s a chance that one day in the future we will be able to cross breed different mammals with the same ancestor.

“I don’t think people’s relationship to god (s) or religions are about whether or not apes and humans are genetically linked, whatsoever”

I also understand that. That is more or less is part of the truth. But as we know (I’ll take Christian as an example. I’m not trying to offend Christians people) In Christen we’re taught that Adam and Eve are our ancestor,and of course,it contradicts the fact if we’re the ancestor of ape. That is too,more or less the part of the truth.

@marinelife I’ve also asked the same question. But it’s all about human natural curiosity. Some/one scientist has already do some research to prove this but he failed(you can google it up,I forgot his name). What would happen if in the future he or the other scientist have already succeed to prove this? No one will know,and there’s still a possibility.

Also, religious belief is about faith not fact. So, no.

So you think there’s no connection between belief and fact? And Belief isn’t the part of fact itself?

@njnyjobs I understand that. But do you believe in curiosity? even as a person with religion?

@Buttonstc Curiosity. If you don’t mind you can look at my previous post. I’ve already explained your question there.

@syz So is there another way other than cross breeding and DNA correlation to skeptically prove our ancestor? Tell me. Curiosity. What if someday the law will allow some scientists to do that(with independent volunteer)? Or what if one day in the future one/some scientist have already succeed to do this and the law will eventually change because of this? We’re talking about possibility. There is a possibility. Whether it is small or big.

@netgrrl May I ask you what would happen if a logical Christian person know the fact that Adam isn’t his ancestor?

@AstroChuck Don’t you think faith and fact could eventually contradict each other?

@Trillian No. I’m definitely not. Curiosity that is the reason(and I’m not the first person to say this,others have already done experiments with it). And as I said,I’m not trying to offend people about their religion,what I’m doing here is to know the fact between the contradiction of faith and science/reality. I’m making the prediction about this,and I’m not trying to force someone to lose their faith. (You Triallian,always as rude as ever).

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@Doctor_D- Of course I do. But you’re talking with a freethinking atheist.

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Why are you calling Trillian rude?

She didn’t disagree with your premise any differently than most of the other people (including me) responding.

No need for name calling just because someone disagrees with the premise you propose.

Several other people have pointed out the obvious fact that interbreeding does not prove ancestry and therefore has no connection to a religious premise. Apples and Oranges.

Just because you don’t like that fact doesn’t call for personal attack.

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@Doctor_D Okay, if you believe Adam and Eve are your ancestors, you probably don’t think the fact that humans and apes share an ancestor is a fact.

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@AstroChuck I appreciate your freethinking Atheism.

@Buttonstc Not because she disagrees with me. I appreciate whether it’s a disagreement or agreement(I keep repeating this in some of my post). I think that these quote:

“What? Have you been watching Planet of the Apes? Why would anybody bother? ”

I think that the quote above is disrespecting this question(she might disagree but she also disrespect this question. And I have no intention to offend anyone in my question),and it also sounds like she is trying to offend me. Just like when you say this to a poor person:

“What? Have you took a bath? Where did you find that food? I though you don’t even have enough money to buy a piece of paper”.

Although it’s not as similar as the quote it has the same offensive value. Okay,without have to elaborate any longer I will only have to say that I feel sorry If I really offend anyone with this question. I will not repeat myself again, It’s not the main purpose of this question.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir I believe both of them(maybe more on the fact). Do you think there is a connection between faith and fact? Will it be possible if both of them one day will contradict each other?

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@Doctor_D Is it possible for faith and fact to contradict? Yes, as happens often with religion and fact. Is there a connection between them? Not in my opinion.

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Trillian and I were saying essentially the same thing. She may have expressed it differently, but it’s YOUR interpretation that it was disrespectful. I didn’t get that impression. She disagreed with you in the same way that I and many others in this thread also have done Get used to it

STILL no reason for name calling.

BTW. Faith and fact ALREADY contradict one another so I don’t know where the speculation about it happening in the future comes from. It’s here NOW.

That’s the essence of why religious people are not swayed by being challenged on facts. Their simple response is that faith is above facts and has nothing to do with proof.

Whether or not you or I agree with that doesn’t make any difference. It is what it is.
As a matter of fact the definition of faith which comes straight out of the Bible says that very plainly:

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. ”

Evidence is irrelevant to true believers because they have faith. That pretty much sums it up.

Of course someone can waste their time trying to interbreed species just out of curiosity but it will have zero effect on religious believers because they have faith.

It’s not that your question is offensive ( altho the attitude which you display is a different story altogether) it’s just that your question is illogical.

You are trying to connect two things which have no meaningful connection to most religious people. They don’t care in the slightest about interbreeding apes and humans at all. It is irrelevant to them because they have faith.

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If I wanted a short, hairy, 50 word vocabulary woman – no need to crossbreed with an ape. There are plenty of them out there. I won’t name specific countries, but a certain Sascha Baron Cohen made a funny movie about one of them.


No, because even if we are able to accomplish that feat, the greatness of God is still evidenced by the very fact that humans CAN do that. I always say that no matter what happens, no matter what humans do in the realm of “science” and “facts”, that God is ALWAYS all-encompassing. His greatness is evidenced by whatever we strive for and accomplish, and that includes technological and scientific feats and discoveries. :)

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No, because in ancient times people believed in all sorts of things which they considered to be evil abominations. Just read Revelations and you will get the drift. A human – ape cross would probably be considered a monster by someone who is religious (and even by most who are not) but that does not signify insofar as faith is concerned anymore than the mythical monsters of the past did back in the day.

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@Buttonstc I appreciate your opinion. I’ll agree if it’s for people with ‘strong’ faith. But again,there is a possibility that one will lose his/her faith when he/she choose to believe the reality.

@Zen_Again I see.

@MRSHINYSHOES You really have strong faith. I envy you for that.

@semblance I know the result of this experiment would be a real world monster(if you don’t like the idea of cross breeding) but that will also prove that ape is the ancestor of human beings,and whether we like it or not we’re part of their family(animal).

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I think your point is that if it is ultimately possible to achieve? such a cross-breed that would somehow discredit creation theory and irrefutably confirm evolution.

You are asking if this event and it’s significance would undermine the beliefs of people of faith?

I doubt it would. Faith is a choice and it is not a rational one and rational reasoning does not undermine it. It is not about facts and evidence.


@Doctor_D Well, what I’m trying to say is, is that whatever man does, whatever feats and discoveries he accomplishes, is in itself an act or the effect of God. Lol——you say I have strong faith, but I don’t consider myself a religious person. I am actually more spiritual, though I do believe in a Higher Power. ;)

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No, the remarkable thing about belief is that it persists no matter what the weight of evidence to the contrary. You could cross-breed God with an ape & it still wouldnt be believed…

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I don’t think that it would prove that apes are the ancestors of humans but it would be strong evidence that they had a common ancestor, which is the evolutionary hypothesis held by all or at least the vast majority of anthropologists today.

However, my point is that I don’t think that would change people’s faith. In ancient times people believed in monsters now considered to be mythical but it didn’t deter them from having faith in a religious system. In their minds those monsters were as real as would be the human-ape cross which the OP postulates or as real as a blue whale is to me, even though I’ve never actually seen one.

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Man and monkey bangarang, isn’t that how AID’s was created?

Eh, but no, I don’t think that would make much of a difference. It might not seem like it, but there are a lot of things that have happened and went down during the existence of Christianity, some things that people never imagined would ever happen and would be the work of the Devil if it did, but it still happened…yet faith remains.

Granted, it takes plenty of transitions and it evolves, for example the general traits of basic religion seem to have spilled out into society once it was separated, ironically enough…

And even if it weren’t for that, to this day people still have Harry Potter book burnings or believe that the Necronomicon is locked up somewhere in the Vatican or again that homosexuals created the HIV virus back in the eighties…if they don’t like what they see, they’ll find some way to counter it, no matter how ridiculous it gets.

Tis’ faythe, after all.

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@Symbeline – Not so much, re: AIDS. More like poor hungry people eating “bush meat” like monkeys that they hunt in the forest. Just sayin’.

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@laureth Yeah it was more of a joke, but I read somewhere it had to do with monkeys…could be bs though, I really denno.

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Not all zealous people of faith (religionists) reject evolution. Most educated people of faith support evolution.

To prove the correlation we don’t need crossbreeding. We can look at bones and organs or use a far more powerful tool: comparative genomics. It eliminates all doubts.

The great apes are not the ancestors of humans. But the great apes and homo sapiens do have a common ancestor. Fish and humans have a common ancestor. Just look at the body plan of fish and people. Fins and arms. Same system. Two bones. One bones. Some small stuff. Digits. Then look at the genomes. Ah, here’s the fish inside us.

Crossbreeding most likely will succeed very soon. The question is do we really want to try this?

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The time is coming very soon and is already present, when men would come to the realization that all the world present technology and knowledge were meant to enslave all in its cycles of ignorance as it is presently.

Nevertheless, though at present it is indeed rubbish to those who are not caught in it’s snare, they would also transform both into things much greater than the imagination of those who perpetuate it.

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